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In Topic: Best Offer: Subal ND20 Bundle + Inon strobes + ULCS arms

21 July 2013 - 10:31 AM

Note: I think of a decent offer as being $3000 or thereabouts; that Paypal would be part of any equation; and that I'm not crazy about the idea of selling this overseas.


I will throw in a NikonD200 with relatively few clicks on it to close a deal.

In Topic: Best Offer: Subal ND20 Bundle + Inon strobes + ULCS arms

16 July 2013 - 02:37 PM

That seems low to me given other indications of interest I'm getting.

In Topic: Member introductions

26 May 2013 - 11:44 AM

So, introductions.


After six years of reading wetpixel, I'm going to stop lurking... I've been diving since 1974: learned in Thailand, then {Bonaire, Cayman, Bay Islands, Turks} many times; Sipadan, Spoilsport... once each.


LOTS of Monterey (can we say Cypress Sea?) I knew we could. Starting shooting underwater early '90s with a Nikonos. Eventually flooded that. Got married, had a kid, which slowed my diving.


Did a couple of start-ups, retired, had a brief spell of "lots of diving"... and got a serious case of gear lust: bought a Subal ND20 and all the fixings.

Bad luck struck: went through a divorce, and my regular, loyal dive buddy got financially rained out. Haven't really been diving since -- and that gear (the ND20 and all?) Never got used, not even once.


Next step: sell the ND20. If I get to go diving again, I'm not going to want to schlep an ND20 and all the fixins. So I'm back here, in part to do that. Maybe I'll get the lust again, but not for gear.


There is a very esoteric, but heartfelt country song in this somewhere. I miss getting wet. But need to sell the ND20, so I'm here.