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In Topic: Galapagos National Park Dive Permit Impacts

31 July 2007 - 04:14 AM

@ chadbeck: So Eco Explorer I is operating...? Thought only Agressors and Sky....

The info that i have from my tour operator is that ALL boats can operate in Galapagos for the time being, BUT only the Agressors and Sky Dancer can go to Wolf and Darwin.
They are the only boats with full approved licenses.
This matches with most of the info I have been able to find on the web.

The last update I have is:
"On the back of a meeting that was held in Ecuador yesterday (30/7/7), between all affected parties, there will be a further meeting held between lawyers, the Galapagos N.P. authorities the Ecuadorian Ministry of tourism on Thursday morning (Ecuador time)."

If I get an update on Friday I will post it here.