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#344295 R2D2 on the Fujikawa Maru

Posted by seansrs968 on 09 March 2014 - 09:59 PM

Just recently got from a trip to Truk Lagoon. Truk Lagoon is the site of really an uknown battle called Operation Hailstone. This was basically our version of Pearl Harbor against the Japanese Fleet. I was there during the 70th anniversity of the battle. Here is a link to the history regarding the battle:


This picture is from the Fujikawa Maru. By those that have been there before this air compressor is referred to as R2D2.


Not all the guides will take someone to this area. The superstructure on this wreck is failing. It has been in the water now for 70 years.

Hope all enjoy this pic as much as I do.