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In Topic: Aquatica A7D housing, Canon 7D body and Lenses for sale

02 February 2013 - 05:02 PM

Housing and lenses have now been sold.

Thanks to all who looked.

Canon 7D body is still available. To encourage a buyer shipping via airmail is free to Australia, Canada, USA and Western Europe.

However, due to the cost of shipping lithium camera batteries internationally by air, I will only ship the batteries within Australia by suface mail to available destinations.

In the US, for example, it costs much less to just buy the batteries and get them shipped from somewhere like B&H in New York (http://www.bhphotovi...on_Battery.html) than to send them with the camera.

In Topic: Aquatica Housing Review - Good, Bad and Ugly

04 March 2012 - 05:45 PM

Hope this isn't stating the obvious - but when you inserted the camera was it and the housing turned on? The reason I ask is that I noticed on your photo some damage on the camera's on/off switch. I don't have this model housing but my other Aquaticas should be set up that way - and if the camera and housing is not turned on while the camera is inserted I can imagine that problems such as you are describing could occur - you can force the camera to turn on if it is inserted the wrong way but it does not seem to be a good thing to do as the forces are quite high and if the camera is not seated properly then constant pressure on the shutter release can cause a variety of issues.

Have never had a problem with the back o-ring (have had 6 Aquatica housings over the last 22 years with the same design) and never had a flood or anything like one, but I hate the port lock ...

Anyway, I hope you get the problems sorted - it must be very frustrating.