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In Topic: Do 15mm's need servicing?

24 December 2014 - 07:30 PM

I thnk the main problem with servicing the o-rings on this lens would be getting compatible o-rings. I serviced mine back in the 1980's, when I had to replace a damaged front element, and seem to remember that the o-rings were relatively soft (softer than 70 duro) and possibly an unusual size. If you can get original Nikon o-rings that would be good.


It is so long ago I may be mistaken, but I think that there are only three o-rings that would really need to be replaced if you take this lens apart: the two shafts o-rings and possibly the o-ring under the front element as well.


It was relativley easy to service the lens. The screws on the shaft on my lens were glued and needed a little heat to loosen. I made up a tool for the front element retaining ring. Be careful to tighten this up carefully as pressure will tend to allow it to loosen underwater and too tight might damage the element. Don't know what the torque settings for this would be. I guess there is also another o-ring behind the inner housing - but that is static and not expsoed to friction while assembling the lens so replacement is not so important although if you can get a replacement it would be worth rplacing at the same time.


Nikonos (non RS) lens control shaft o-rings were considered to be very reliable, but they are getting to be so old that effects of time will introduce some uncertaintly. Might be worth sacrificing a cheaper 35 mm lens to see what the o-rings are used on the controls if no other information is available.  

In Topic: help ASAP...missing retainer clip on button in housing

20 July 2014 - 10:03 PM

Have a look at the multi selector buttons or any other controls that may have 2 clips on the same shaft and that you can live without.


I had a similar problem on my Aquatica D3 housing while travelling on a live aboard with no spares available. I could not dive with a button with no retaining clip (the clip failed and fell off - luckily I picked up the leak in the rinse tank before diving and avoided a major flood). I used a clip from the "down" button which held on a little arm which pushed on the control on the camera. The button itself had another clip which kept it in place and the housing water tight. The only loss of functionality was that I lost the use of that button and so could only scroll in one direction in the menue systems. I kept the arm in a safe place and replaced the clip when I got home. I now carry spare clips.


Have not seen the Aquatica D90 housing, but it may have another internal clip that you can use in that way.