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#371124 Issues/Problem with Sea&Sea YS D2 Strobe?

Posted by frogfish on 04 March 2016 - 06:41 PM

Hi Dovechoko,


Any news yet on the problem with your YS-D2s?  Or about getting the malfunctioning new strobe repaired?  


I fried my YS-D1s in December (I still don't want to talk about it), so I'm interested in replacing them with YS-D2s instead of just getting the YS-D1s repaired.  But your experience is a serious concern.  I don't know anybody with Sea&Sea Japan, but I plan to visit Andrew Yeo, the Sea & Sea distributor in Singapore when I am there next week.  



#369503 Issues/Problem with Sea&Sea YS D2 Strobe?

Posted by frogfish on 20 January 2016 - 07:16 PM



I'm also very sorry to hear you have experienced these problems, and hope you were still able to get  some good shots using one strobe.  Please do let us know whether and how this was resolved.  I was about to purchase a pair of the new Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes, but I've decided to hold off until we learn more about the problem you experienced and how things worked out.  



#94459 packing and transporting my rig

Posted by frogfish on 06 July 2006 - 06:11 PM

I bought a Lowepro Trekker Pro to carry all my gear in. The Trekker pro is the same as the Nature Trekker except that it has two detachable side pouches that I don't use. ....


Those side pockets on the Trekker Pro can be very useful - each is perfect to take a standard bottle of Bacardi Oro Rum (or equivalent). I also sometimes load all my batteries into one of them to take the weight out of the checked bags.

Frogfish (Robert Delfs)