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Signing In to Wetpixel

12 October 2013 - 12:53 PM

Is there something going on I should know about.  Bookmarked Wetpixel many years ago and was able to just go to it but lately it seems that every time I go to Wetpixel it asks me for the whole sign in thing...name, password and then a message saying it will take 12 minutes to unlock.   Any ideas on why this is occurring?



File Zilla

30 September 2013 - 11:38 AM

A few weeks ago I spent a weekend uploading uncompressed video files to the company that frequently sells my clips. All files are .mov files. I was told that a great many of them came in without the .mov and simply typing that in after the clip still failed to open the files. Next time I will put the folders in a zip file and see if that works but does anyone who may use File Zilla to upload uncompressed files have any insight into the cause for the .mov extension to be removed? 


Al Chan RIP

10 July 2013 - 01:26 PM

I originally met Al Chan when he signed up as a guest on a trip to the Cocos Islands that I was leading.  He became a repeat client and a real friend over the years.  For those who did not know him, Al was probably the most centered man I have ever met.  He always seemed to be at peace with himself and he greatly enriched my life from just knowing him.  I was fortunate to have been able to  host him in my home when he came to San Diego to visit his son.  Whether he was in Tahiti or the Coco Islands or any number of other dive spots, you could always find Al in the ship's hammock when he wasn't in the water. Al had been out of diving for the last couple of years due to illness though we kept in semi frequent touch.  I only now discovered that he passed away from liver cancer last March 20th, soon after my return from Anilao with a small group.   


Al, you will be missed; you are missed and thank you for letting us become friends. 

Nikon D800 questions

14 May 2013 - 04:14 PM

I am asking these questions for a friend who uses the D800 for topside photo work.  He has not shot video with it and was asked to shoot video in a somewhat dark club.  After speaking to him, and not knowing the camera myself, I had some questions for the audio.   I can lend him a shotgun mic and use the 1/8 in plug but do not know whether the D800 allows for or has any metering for the audio levels.  He also wasn't  sure what ISO he should use and I suggested that 800 or 1000 might be the best chance for getting a clean shoot but I very well could be wrong on this.  


 I did download the Nikon manual and did a very quick scan of the index but saw nothing.  Also assuming that the D 800 will shoot video in both 1080p as well as 720p.  He doesn't know and neither do I.

 Anyone have any answers for this?   Suggestions would be appreciated.



Photo and Video Gear for Sale

25 April 2013 - 02:31 PM

BeachTek XLR audio mixer/adaptor for DSLRs-new in box, never used

Canon 580EX 11 Flash Unit..never used. $450.00

Canon EFS 18-135mm lens-mint condition with almost no use on it and in mint condition(with hood).
Adorama DG 600 Monolight Strobe-New in Box
L & M Sunray HID lights.-used but mint condition.  No pods however. 

Brand new, still in original plastic wrap Sony Battery NP-F970

Several fully charged Sony M Series batteries wt charging LEDs NP QM91D and NP QM71D and NP FM50-All batteries guaranteed to hold a full charge.

Editors Keys SL300 USB Condenser Microphone $100. Never used, I have two.
Editors Keys Vocal Booth-guarenteed to improve your audio narrations.

Varavon ProFinder Loupe for either the Canon 7D or 5D.-sells for $385 plus tax....am selling for $250.00 It was removed from the box one time for testing but comes with its own case and original box.

Apple 23" Acrylic monitor, no dead pixels..Just haven't used it for a few years. Best offer gets it.

Holophone's 5.1 PortaMic Pro Sound Microphone-excellent condition and was used to record the Olympics by the TV stations

Lens Baby Composer lens, new but tested for a few shots.

Elgato Turbo 264 HD

Snowball PRO USB microphone and stand for greatly improving your audio narrations.

ATC 9K POV camcorder with mounting accessories...used only for a few test purposes.

Complete BBC audio library on a new, in box, Lacie D2 Quadro 500gig Hard drive

Too much stuff to post pictures but you can email me at: steve-sharksdelight@cox.net  if any of this gear is of interest to you.