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In Topic: Anyone else NOT get there Wetpixel Quarterly?

20 August 2010 - 10:05 AM


Many apologies for the obstacles you ran into in our support system; our normal support staff (of 1) has been away for the summer and our replacement has not worked out so well. We should be back up to normal response times early next week when he returns, and he can process your refund then. In the meantime, I will personally fedex you your missing copy, if you can PM me your current address for confirmation.

Apologies again that it got to this point, we are always saddened to lose a customer.

Best regards,

Eli Woolery
Creative Director & Editor
Wetpixel Quarterly

In Topic: Cenotes and Whale Sharks 2010, Mexico, trip thread

18 August 2010 - 03:24 PM

Here's a little video montage I put together from our leg of the trip (make sure to stick around after the credits roll for a rare look at the behavior of a rabid remora):


In Topic: Cenotes and Whale Sharks 2010, Mexico, trip thread

12 August 2010 - 03:05 PM

On the fourth day, the wind had come down, but the swell was up, which made the sharks a bit tougher to locate while in the water (in essence, you had to do a water-polo goalie move to get up high enough to see them and try to intersect their path). That didn't stop us from having more QT with the sharks though. Evelyn also had a less-than-friendly encounter with a remora which snuck up behind her and bit her on the finger! None of us had ever witnessed such cheeky behavior from a remora before (I have video which I will post as part of a montage later).

Posted Image
Backlit whale shark, with two more in the background.

Posted Image
Lachy gazing up at a smaller shark.

Our final day found us with many fewer sharks in the water, but by this time we were so whale-shark saturated (in a good way!) that any time with them was just a bonus. The killer remora also returned, chasing Evelyn out of the water, then coming after Marty, Lachy, Julian and me. It was a persistent little devil: despite our best attempts at shooing it away/karate chopping it in half, it was out for blood. Thankfully, it finally went away (hopefully inhaled by some voracious predator), and we were able to concentrate on the sharks again. I also saw a passing sailfish (way cool!), though was too distracted trying to get the others to see it to get a picture.

Posted Image

We ended up taking the boat in a bit early that day and stopping on the way home at a nice little reef that Rogelio suggested. It was better than most of us expected: in addition to parrotfish and other reef fish, there was a turtle, barracuda, and nurse shark. A relaxing ending to a fantastic trip!

What really made the trip in addition to the sharks were the people; everyone was extremely friendly and a pleasure to be in the water and on land with. As with the other Wetpixel trips I've been on, I made friends that I hope to keep in touch with for years to come!

Viva el tiburon ballena!


Hey Eli, welcome back. Looks like the good stuff continued. Sandrah saw all the shots and says we really have to see if we can make the trip next year...

Thanks Drew! I'd love to go again next year, hopefully we can be on the same trip! Say hi to Sandah for me!

In Topic: Cenotes and Whale Sharks 2010, Mexico, trip thread

12 August 2010 - 02:36 PM

(Great pics Julian, thanks for posting!)

Eli here, just back from a fantastic week in Isla Mujeres with the whale sharks, following right on the tail of Eric's trip. Our group included Lachlan (Lachy) Bursle, Evelyn Conley and Marty Silveira, and Julian Cohen and his wife Ildi.

After meeting up on Wednesday with Eric's group for dinner and hearing about all of their great encounters, we headed out Thursday morning full of anticipation. We were not disappointed! Upon reaching the site, we found ourselves surrounded by 100+ sharks, and us more or less the only boat in the area. This was my first time in the water with whale sharks, so needless to say I was enormously stoked! Those who know me are accustomed to the fact that I am inordinately fond of black & white images (which was perfect in this situation!) so please excuse the fact that most of the following images are B&W.

Posted Image
Close brush with a big tiburon ballena

On the second day, there were noticeably fewer sharks in the water (around 50), but we still had a lot of fantastic encounters, especially in the morning before the other boats started showing up.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Two big sharks pass each other on a quest for more fish-egg deliciousness.

A bit of wind and whitecaps on the water on the third day made us worry that the sharks might be hard to locate, but our fears were unfounded as captain Rogelio located them with just a bit of extra search effort. This day also held a special surprise: a friendly shark who circled just below the surface for over 20 minutes, allowing all of us plenty of encounter time.

Posted Image
Evelyn and Marty with the friendly shark.

(report continues...)