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In Topic: Aiming Lights

09 July 2010 - 01:06 PM

well just to add some n=more confusion to the light debate

i recently purcaced a LE550w to go with my LE250. now i use the LE550W as my camera mounted light , focus assist , critter spotting some video work ect and keep my LE250 in my BC pocket as a backup torch and something to give my dive model ect

the difference in light output is substantial , i thought the LE250 was brighrt then when i used the 550 WOW . i easy get 2 dives out of the 550 using it most of the time .

both are really good lights , i just felt i needed more light .

i really like the look of the LE240 as a small BC torch


In Topic: Ikelite G10 housing - Can I remove the tray?

17 May 2010 - 02:31 AM

it depends on how handy you are ,

if your tray is big enough for the ikelite housing you could drill the holes
or even make a baseplate / tray out of aluminum flat bar .it may not be as pretty as a commercial one but it works.

just make shure they send you 2 baseplate bolts as the ikelite thread is unusual and not a common size .

if you have the cash and are not that handy just buy one and be done with it.

your tray will unscrew from housing


In Topic: Aiming Lights

17 May 2010 - 02:23 AM

Hi Matt,

Sounds great! I'll probably go for Inon then. One last question worries me: they don't say if this light would automatically shut off when the strobes fire. Is it the case?
If not that's too bad, because it probably has a negative impact on your pictures...

Hi Nicool

the subject of auto off has been discussed elsewhere also but

i have found the stronger light output of your strobe, means that i hardly ever see the focus light in my photos except

when im shooting slow shutter , eg 1/30 or 1/15 sec with apeture wide open with strobes set wide apart

this is when im shooting deep , low light , in shadow , so not very often .
definitely not in macro / closeup shots

so in 95% of my pics i don't see my focus lights effect in the outcome ,

but in answer to your question .no auto off , but i think they are the best focus light out there at the moment

In Topic: Aiming Lights

14 May 2010 - 10:00 PM

Hi guys,

I'm also interested in getting a focusing light for my D300 Ikelite housing, especially when mounted with the Nikon 105 Macro.
The Inon LE 240, 250, and 550 series look great! I like the idea of the red filter, supposed to be less scary for underwater wildlife (anyone knows if this works)?
Also, they have varying angle coverages (from 20 to 75 degrees). Anyone knows a good reason (other than price) to prefer a small angle coverage?

dive safe!


Hi Nicolas
i purchaced the le 250 thinking a brighter light would be too much , after using it for a dozen dives i now feel the le550 would be ok , the wide would be best i think for general photography , aiming and video work .
the redfilter really reduces the light output , but i have not used it underwater ,if you were planing on swaping filters underwater you would need to attach little lanyards to them as i think they could float away quite easily .
small angle coverage is for a spot type light ,wider is better . i think

the inon LE ligts are very good , compact , low weight . and like everything built by inon , top quality , THEY JUST WORK. it feels like a light that it built to last.

the only other decider is batt life , 60 min LE550 ,,, or 130 min LE250 ,, unless im diving at night i usually dont run my light all the time , so i guess a LE250 lasts around 3-4 dives and the le550 lasts about 2 dives .

In Topic: leatherjacket attacks octopus

14 May 2010 - 12:42 AM

thanks All
loftus - its a bit disturbing the weird off the wall comments people are posting , do people really think the radical things they are writing or is it just for reaction???
i have actually deleted a few of the more offensive ones.

the choice of music is by chance , i uploaded the movie to youtube and randomly chose a track and thats what came up .

a very rare thing to see , i love this site , its a critter dive , you never know what you will find , i went there today and found a very sick blue ringed octopus , still alive but rolling around on the bottom .

Thanks for the comments