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In Topic: FS Inon UFL-MR130 EFS60 Underwater Micro Semifisheye Relay Lens

14 February 2017 - 01:57 AM

MR130 lens and Nauticam C60 Port are all sold.

Thanks everyone.

In Topic: FS Inon UFL-MR130 EFS60 Underwater Micro Semifisheye Relay Lens

03 February 2017 - 02:01 AM

Thanks Tim,  it doesn't matter whether you buy or not : your comments are much appreciated. :)

In Topic: Anilao lens choice

18 September 2016 - 07:38 AM

Like said above there are great wide angle sites providing lots of small fish action  like Beatrice Rock,




or schooling fish like in Twin rocks






Depends on whether the conditions will allow you to dive these spots, otherwise Verde island which is sometimes but less often proposed by the dive centres is one of the most fish packed wall in the Philippines.

Personally I don't travel without my Zen minidome and 10-17 Tok.  


In Topic: Tulamben Dive Guide Recommendation

17 September 2016 - 12:37 AM

Dunno whether you found your guide yet, I've been back to Bali for 7 years in a row. For me Tulamben has the best macro to offer, each year is quite different. Padang Bai is also very good for frogfish (Jetty) and nudibranches (Blue Lagoon).

I wouldn't care much for Secret bay or Puri Jati which are a hit and miss and don't cover as many dive sites as Tulamben.


In Tulamben, I also used to dive with LDR for 6 years however I wanted to try another guide for a change this year and hired Ajiex Dharma in Tulamben, ex Villa Markisa guide now free lance.

I ocntacted and booked him thru Facebook. After the first dive I knew I was in another macro dimension : this guy is just unbelievable, I understand why many photographers hire him for supermacro. He killed me with less than 5mm critters. 

I mostly oriented my search on nudibranches : I must say I have never so many nudibranches unknown to me, we also spotted a rhinopias.


Each Bali area have their specialist guide, hence I usually don't rely on "all around" guides, but mostly on "local reef" guide. Have never been disappointed soo far excet in Amed which is more an area catering to fundivers than photographers. I must say Ajiex really exceeded far beyond my expectations. The good thing with him is  that you can stay anywhere in Tulamben, Ajiex will pick you up whenever you planned, bring nitrox tanks, take care of your equipment and will have private guiding for yourself at a cost equivalent to any dive centre. Hoo forgot to say he can also bring his own retra snoot and help with lighting, carrying a detached strobe.