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In Topic: Bangka Island info

22 February 2015 - 07:42 AM

You'll have much fun, i am a bangka fan as well, been there 5 times returning in April at Murex.

Banga is a mix of Wide angle and macro,

best dives sites for me are Sahaung and BatuPendita for wide angle (Sahaung is probably one of my favorite dive sites worldwide), for macro Bangka is pygmy seahorse heaven you'll find lots of Pontohi and Severnsi, mor ethan in Lembeh. Demak is great in that respect, you may fnd as many as 8-10 pygmies in 12-15 meters of water which gives you plenty of time to shoot them. Probably the best muck sites are on themainland coast nerby Likupang, Paradise pier is an outstanding site thta micxes various biotops like a pier, algae fields, typical muck and coral reef. I like as well Batu Tiga which is a pain to decide whether it's a macro (harlequin shrimps, pompom crabs bargibanti pygmies, nnudibranch) or wide angle (big frogfishes, healthy corals, fish schools) dive.  


In teh meantime you can click on my Flickr gallery (thais is the link to my Bangka album) to have a taste of what you will see.

In Topic: Where to stay in Tulamben?

31 December 2014 - 03:40 AM

For me Liberty dive center is a no  brainer in Tulamben, for 85USD/ 3 dives a day they provide Ntrox for free and a private dive guide without any supplement, you just have to discuss with him in order to schedule your dives, where and when you want to go (actually I rather say "Rare nudibranches" or "Tiger shrimps" and Uji, my private guide for 4 years tells where it's best to spot them).


Weirdly enough I do not stay at LDC, though they have a good resort with fine bungalows but my wife prefers staying at Tauch Terminal (not only because we are regulars there and have return discounts) since they are closer to Sandya the restarant we like and also the grounds are slightly better, tidy as a swiss-german garden can be. LDC picks me up and drives me back every morning it's a matter of a 3 minutes drive, 7 minutes walk but I am too lazy to carry my camera to their dive shop.


To be honest, I consider Tauch Terminal, Liberty dive resort or Ocean view as the best options in Tulamben for accomodations but for diving, LDC is miles ahead. i find Scuba Seraya and Villa markisa to expensive and overrated for what you get in LDC. Plus they are way out of Tulamben (small) town, so you are tucked at your resort.

In Topic: Ambon's Other Side

09 November 2014 - 05:15 AM

Very nice gallery I only dived Kota Pintu once but I remember it as one of the most spectacular environments I've been to. It's a pity there's  not so much fish though.


I look forward comng back to Ambon probably around march/april (time to celebrate my 5th decade in life) and since my favorite dive guide in Ambon is not anymore part of BRD, I'll probaby contact you.  :))

In Topic: Bali Trip Recommendations

01 October 2014 - 08:30 AM

 personally will only do with a big rig is dive any site on the main Tulamben beach (where the Liberty Wreck is) on a boat. The Tulamben beach shoreline is lined with smooth rocks, some pretty large, which makes it difficult for ingress and egress for shore diving with a big rig and gear, especially when the waves get a little choppy. Moreover, with a boat diving the wreck etc, you can finish where you want and just surface, instead of having to swim back to a particular point on the beach.



Might be good for a dive around the wreck itself but I would rather start from the shore for a nightdive, the most interesting part is the wreck slope east of the wreck and the shallow beginning allows interesting encounters like blue ring octopus, cowries or various nudibranches you don't find on the black sand for instance.


More over when I end my nightdive at 8PM I'm quite sure I'm at my hotel already showered at 8:15PM, while it probably takes 20-30 minutes more from a boat.

In Topic: Canon 7d Mk II Lenses

26 September 2014 - 02:48 PM

95% of my topside shots are with the 24-105mm f4L.  It has image stabilization and is the sharpest zoom I hav ever used.  I rarely use my 17-40mm, and am looing to sell it.




I used it a lot on my old 5D, but it's definitely a full frame lens, sharp but very prone to flare, plus the hood was a real pain in the neck. 

I have seldom used it on my 7D because on DX sensor, 24-105 equals 38-170, 38 is never wide enough and 170 is too long.  It also depends on what type of photo you're doing, I'm mainly doing street and travel photos, often with people as main subjects.