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Today, 01:33 AM

 If you are on a tighter budget the 17-40 L is hitting the used market in large numbers  because folks are stepping up to the new lens.  It's a real bargain now and works very well on the 7D. 


Agreed. The 17-40L  is a great lens, it has been a workhorse for lots of land photographers, I've used it for years. excellent contrast pas f/5.6, absolutely no flare. the 40  end was not excellent but everything between 18 and 35 was very good.

Some techies tended to go for the 16-35L but tests showed that it wasn't worth the upgrade esp on DX sensors, both were excellent,. I don't know for the new 16-35L IS, but it's a diffrent budget. the good thing for the 17-40 is that it's also a good lens for blue water shots with sharks or other pelagics.

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20 September 2014 - 01:24 AM

Yes, at least twenty. There were both Denise and Bargibanti in that site.

Denise and Bargibanti don't live on the same fans.

I'm telling on ONE single fan, after that, you don't even bother looking for other pygmies.

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20 September 2014 - 12:27 AM

There are many seafans in another site in Menjangan and it was the place I saw the most Pygmy seahorses.



Amed/Jemeluk wall, eight pygmy seahorses on a single seafan, you have more?

In Topic: Bali Trip Recommendations

19 September 2014 - 02:33 PM

Ok easy one.


You'd need to go to 2 places at least :


Tulamben is great for the Liberty, but also lots of Macro dives around. It's preferable to stay within Tulamben (Liberty dive resort is a good choice, nitrox for free excellent private guides also for free), in Tulamben you'll find lots of drivers (Google Ricky transport in Tulamben) who'll be happy to drive the non divers to north eastern Bali landmarks. Imo Scuba Seraya often recommended, is much too expensive and out of town, uneasy for getting out.

It's a bit further but don't miss Japanese wreck in Amed, a great dive for both wide angle and macro opportunities, it's a fanatstic night dive too but very few operators do nightdives because it's quite a long ride by car.


Padang Bai is closer to Ubud, which will be one the main attractions landside, as well as the gorgeous paddy fields of Sidemen : Padang Bai is also home to great dives macro dives like jetty (rhinopias *4) or amazing current fish packed dives like Gili Tepekong, I'd say worth 2 days diving at least. Contact Cedric at Gekodive, he's a photographer too.they can organize daytrips to Nusa Penida for manta bay/manta point, toyapakeh etc if you're not willing to go to Lembongan. 


... but I find Nusa Lembongan very interesting too, only 30 minutes speedboat ride with lots of accoms to pick from, more relaxed than Bali itself, a good place to unwind or have some surfbreaks while other are ionto serious diving, although usually limited to 2 drift dives a day, This is the best way to dive Nusa Penida and probably worth 2-3 days diving. TwoFish and World diving are my fave ops ops.


On the other hand, I'd skip Pemuteran/Menjangan area, remote place on the northwestern tip, which I find a step below Tulamben for macro or Nusa Penida for coral dives. Not as many fish and besides that there's nothing in Pemuteran you won't see in Tulamben.


Oh and btw you can also click on my Bali photoset in Flickr   :)

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02 June 2014 - 12:11 PM

Okenia Kendi?