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Tawali PNG macro and wide angle

04 July 2017 - 07:33 AM

First time in PNG end of march 2017. Tawali resort, Milne bay.


Very interesting for macro (Lawadi dive spot is precisely where it all began with muck) but also amazingly rich hard coral reefs and a very special spot called Deacon's reef, with sunlight filtering from the tree canopy dancing down on a shallow bottom.  


First let's start with the macro, lots of nudis (incl. their "special" Cyerce Nigra at least 3 specimen spotted each dive on Lawadi).

100mm+ addon almost mandatory.











FS Inon UFL-MR130 EFS60 Underwater Micro Semifisheye Relay Lens

02 February 2017 - 03:24 PM

I'm selling a Inon UFL-MR130 micro fisheye relay lens, for those of you who may not know about this whimsical lens :

- it's only adaptable with EFS 60 lens (some say it also works with Nikon AF60 lens, I cannot confirm, check out one of the longish threads in this board)

- it needs a specific port.

- it doesn't allow using TTL with your strobes.


2 small port arms with ball joint adapters are readily attached on the lens tube so that you can clamp 2 Inon S&S or whatever strobe you own near to the lens end.

I don't have any case or pouch to carry that lens.


I am selling the lens as described above for 250EUR + shipping from France.

this is very cheap compared to its usual price. I bought it second hand from one of the famous photogs on this board who also sold it to me for cheap.


Have I told you it only fits specific port?

So I am selling the related port Nauticam C60 for Nauticam housng. 

The price for the pack UFL MR130 and Port C60 is 600 EUR + shipping from France (I am not selling the port only)


I have used it in Bali for a few dives.

It's quite difficult to use it, you really have to find the critters that will justify its use. Clearly dont expect shooting 100 shots in a single dive with that apparatus, (However its a good social tool if you want to meet and discuss with other photographers !!! you sure will have to explain to the whole boat why you're diving with a long speculum and ensure your buddy you won't use it on him/her )


My opinion is that I don't dive sufficiently so I can afford spending so much time with too few photos.Also don't expect the optical quality that you will get with a tok10-17 + multiplier.

I think that you may get the best use this peculiar lens with video, unfortunately I do stills not videos.


Here is the type of photos I got in Tulamben :