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Skeleton shrimp behavior

18 April 2014 - 05:40 AM

Hi there,

A supermacro behavior question...

Got any ideas for what is happening : I have no clue what this Anilao skeleton shrimp is actually doing?

The larger image size shows that it's using its pointed claw to drill a hole into the egg pouch, I don't know whether it's liberating the eggs or looking for a (cannibal?) snack... are these shrimps eggs btw?

Thnks for shedding some light on this scene...



Nudi on a pyrosome + Amphipod(?) from Anilao

11 April 2014 - 03:19 PM

Would someone help me Id. this small nudi I found feasting on a floating pyrosome in Anilao.

Not more than 8mm, the pyrosome was drifting in blue water 5-7m deep.




Would be also happy to have confirmation of this inhabitant found in a white tunicate : amphipod? (Anilao - Kirby's Rock / 15m)




Thingy/nudibranch in Tulamben

17 December 2013 - 02:57 PM

Hello, would you pls help me identifying that critter taken in Tulamben/Bali area not more than 2cm /1 inch I would say.

the image was cropped 30%, taken at relatively shallow depth some 10-12m on th eend of the dive. I couldn't even figure whether it was the back or the head of that thingy... I believe it should a kind of nudibranch, Melibe or Marionia or am I completely wrong?


Thanks for your help.




Mixed bag of 2013 indonesian dives

03 October 2013 - 01:27 PM

Still a few months before 2013 ends though I can already pretend it was quite an exciting Indonesian diving year for me.
Here's a photo summary so far.


Part 1 : December -January 13 - Ambon and Maluku
New year in Ambon and Lease islands in Maluku, diving with Blue Rose dive center, I'm a regular Ambon diver, my third
trip but I was expecting much diving Nusa Laut on a short safari. i wasn't disappointed.


Even though Twilight zonein Ambon  had been quite damaged with the summer floods, the South side of the bay was very promising, espcially rich with hairy frogfish, orange or white, and lots of Ghostpipefish.

ticked my first reptilian snake eel off my list as well.






but to be honest the highlight of my trip was the safari to Haruku, Molana and Nusa Laut where I suddenly forgot all the posts I had read talking about the lack of fish in certain parts of indonesia.

Nusa Laut :



Haruku cristaine waters :



Akoon Arch :



A wall of red tooth Triggerfish on Nusa Laut :



Fishlife in Molana :





I had one of my best new year's eve ever on Molana island, sharing the island with two other friends, on a private beach with our private chartered boat and a private grilled fish/grilled lobster dinner.