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In Topic: Short Grand Cayman trip

04 January 2009 - 03:51 PM

Very nice, thank you. Brought back pleasant memories from my June-July trip there.

In Topic: First HC7 Dive Report

21 July 2008 - 04:28 AM

Just out of curiosity, what is your set up? I have the HC9 and Gates housing w/NR HID 20s. Did you use the Manual WB? Or did you just set the camera on auto. Lights? What focal length do you set the focus to, or do you roll as you go? I've only had mine in a pool - but I'm going to Catalina with it in 3 weeks.

Great footage BTW.

I have an Equinox ProPak 6 housing. No manual WB, wish I could, only three manual controls, on-off, record-stop, and zoom in-out. No lights, as I color and light correct in editing with Sony Vegas. I used manual focus set at infinity. Again, the zoom came in post-production with Sony Vegas pan and zoom.

In Topic: HV20 Footage

10 February 2008 - 06:34 AM

Very nice footage, music, and video. Thank you.

In Topic: Underwater Videographer Podcast: Dr Bill Bushing

29 January 2008 - 04:03 PM

I'll download it when I get home.

What happened to the other podcasts ? They were coming out regularly and then stopped ?

Thank you ronscuba for the kind words.

Brian got busy with his two hugely successful podcasts, The DV Show and The Law and Video Podcast. These are drawing big numbers and Brian may even be going satellite radio with The DV Show.

We both took a break for the holidays, too. After the Sea Hunt Special, we spent some time figuring what we were going to do with the Underwater Videographer Podcast. The Podcast is such a niche audience, the numbers are no where close to the other two. However, Brian's guiding principle is having fun and I am having fun doing my interviews. I figure I represent the listeners and ask questions that we all want to know from our guests. I learn things right along with our audience. So, the sincere desire of my heart is to help people make better underwater video.

In that respect, I have found this to be a terrific platform. I mean, I talk to big names and insiders connected with our recreational sport. Oh and another thing, this is keeping me close to dive related things while I wait out the Ohio winter.

Anyway, we worked out that Brian owns everything and I am the guest host. I am again lining up new interviews with people connected with diving and underwater video. I edit the sound files, script the show notes, and upload everything to Brian. All he needs to do is just load everything on his server.

That is the whole story of the delay. I will continue to do this as long as I am having fun. At such time, if ever, that I lose the fun factor in this, I will let you all know.

By the way, there are still two episodes still in the can that I did between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those of you considering buying a new housing, I spoke with Manufacturing Engineer Glen Goodrich on the production of the Ikelite Video Housings. Also, I have a chilling interview with Tim Zimmerman where we discuss the Dave Shaw story. Tim's will probably be the next one up. I know many of you have read his article, but wait until you hear it right from him. My adrenaline was flowing, my heart was pumping, and I had goosebumps.

On the drawing boards:

I will be working on interviews with those connected to HD Camcorder Housings and will continue with a series on various housings, like the previous Backscatter interview. Also, I will be working on hearing from other professional underwater videographers so we can continue to learn from them. Also, there will be some change of pace things along the way.