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Has Our World Underwater got "Macro" wrong?

14 December 2016 - 04:05 AM

I have looked at the categories in the Our World Underwater photo contest and I believe that the definition given for the two Macro categories is misleading. The definition given in the rules is "Any image captured with a macro lens, where the size of the subject on the image sensor is life size or greater."


If the image on the sensor is life-size (1:1) or greater, only shots taken at 1:1, only pictures taken at the extreme close focus of most macro lenses would qualify. This means that most "macro" shots taken with normal macro lenses should be disqualified, including Luc Rooman's 2016 Macro Traditional winner of a clownfish with a parasite in its mouth.  Since the whole clownfish's head covers about 10% of the alongside of the image, which would be about 3mm on a full frame sensor or 2mm on a cropped sensor, this is clearly less than 1:1 magnification.

To get "greater" than life-size magnification with almost any available macro lens, you need to add additional optics to the macro lens.  I thought that this is the definition of "super-macro".