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Ikelite 20D housing for a 30D?

12 June 2009 - 11:50 AM

I currently have a Canon 20D with the Ikelite housing, strobes, ports, etc...however I am continually getting an "err99" while shooting underwater and can't narrow it down. It could be the camera, the lens, or the Ikelite TTL box. I've never had the error on the surface, and it kills my dive when it happens below.

So, I am wondering if a 20D housing will accommodate a 30D at all. Would I just lose some of the buttons around the left of the display or is it just an absolute no-go?

If it weren't for having to buy a new housing and WA lens, I'd just go buy a the 5DmkII...and if it wasn't for the housing, I'd just get a 50D. However, I have a wedding to pay for and the housing is not an option.

Thanks in advance!