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#324947 Bad ears

Posted by Timmoranuk on 22 January 2013 - 01:03 PM

For the past 32 years ,at night after every day of diving we use several drops of "Ear Beer"
Mix 40% white vinegar + 20% glycerine + 20% alcohol and put in a squirt bottle.
Apply inside each ear. Never had an infection and we have dove in some sewer like conditions.

I second this preventative, to be taken after each dive but rinse your ears with fresh water first. Take a look at the DAN www site and seach for 'otitis externa'. I also use medicated olive oil before diving ('Earol') and gentamicin antibiotic after diving. If tell-tale itching starts which is always a precursor to 'otitis', I immediately start a course of oral antibiotics which for me is 'ceflaclor.'

HTH, Tim

#324293 Little micro strobe batch!

Posted by Timmoranuk on 12 January 2013 - 05:34 AM

A while ago I sent an email to S&S Japan (via S&S UK) to drawn their attention to this problem, without a response to date. If we are going to shift away from pop-up flashes or towards FX systems not so equipped (ie. 5D3) and therefore need to use micro strobe units (Hedwig / Carlos / Nauticam), S&S strobes are just not going to be considered as viable. I think this needs to be fed into S&S and, hopefully, they will see the negative commercial implications and modify the specifications appropriately.

#321559 Battery charging from photovoltaics

Posted by Timmoranuk on 27 November 2012 - 10:40 PM

There really is no substitute for mains voltage which I achieve 'on location' using 12 volt deep cycle leisure batteries and a 1200 watt voltage inverter. The leisure batteries can be taken to site pre-charged and maintained using solar panels or a vehicle alternator. Using this system gives 12 volt DC or 240 volt AC and ample resource for battery charging, laptop computer and lighting. It's easy to provide greater resources by adding further deep cycle batteries in parallel or by upping the Ahr. 3 fully charged 115 Ahr deep cycle batteries provides me with ample independent power for more than a week. Of course, hauling heavy deep cycle batteries by hand may not be an option and may need to be cached at base camp.

HTH, Tim

#319851 Subal or Nauticam?

Posted by Timmoranuk on 04 November 2012 - 10:13 AM

I use simple silicone grease on the external threads of my NA-7Ds (Mk1 & 2) which has prevented any binding or corrosion in the 2/3 years of ownership. I'd do this with any housing... Neither housing has shown any signs of oxidisation (fitted with sacrificial anodes) and both operate as well as they did on the day of delivery. The UK distributor can return housings to Nauticam for factory servicing for, IIRC correctly, about £200.00 (please chime in Alex). For a little more I know that Nauticam can take a well-used and battered housing and make it like new again...

FWIW, my experience of Nauticam's pre and post sales service has been excellent and that they are a Hong Kong / China based company has not been any issue whatsoever.

If its any recommendation, to date, I own four housings from Nauticam.

#318966 Underwater video lightning equipment !

Posted by Timmoranuk on 23 October 2012 - 07:53 PM

For self-contained units, Fisheye Aquavolt 3500s and 7000s are worth considering. HTH, Tim

#312606 New video about Spearfishing

Posted by Timmoranuk on 11 July 2012 - 03:17 AM

Hi Blaise, I don't think either Mike's or my post was akin to "tarring and feathering" ;-) but were only reactions and responses to an activity which is not normally showcased here on Wetpixel and would seem be at odds with best practise for underwater photography i.e. touch nothing leave ony bubbles and take only photographs.

Clearly this is a business operation and its success will largely be dependent on client footfall where the 'take' will necessarily be higher than from just one man's sport. I absolutely agree that spearfishing is a highly selective activity and has little general environmental impact, when compared with commercial fishing. However, targeting trophy fish will have a negative impact and the evidence of this can readily be seen in the Mediterranean.

The Wetpixel community is passionately concerned with conservation and these days conservation is also closely allied with management. For example where I live in Wales, there are annual culls of fallow deer in order to maintain a healthy and viable population. I am sure we are not of the type who mindlessly decry all and any form of animal husbandry without attempting to understand the rationale.

Nevertheless, I am uneasy about this footage being contributed here and a more appropriate vehicle would have been Deeperblue where the 'spearo' community hang-out and who also enjoy that descriptive title...

#312370 New video about Spearfishing

Posted by Timmoranuk on 07 July 2012 - 06:44 PM

I'm afraid that I'm pretty uncomfortable with the content and message of this film. Whilst I agree with Steve about the production quality I believe this activity does not sit well amongst the majority of underwater photographers and I'd certainly prefer not to see more of this ilk on Wetpixel.

#300327 Side mount or Doubles (Twinsets) for photography

Posted by Timmoranuk on 25 January 2012 - 10:25 AM

Hi Polliwog,

May we first establish the fundamental similarities, advantages and differences between indes (sidemount) and manifolded twins?

1. It is probably a good idea to breathe down indes in increments which allows you to both monitor system performance and provide the maximum available gas in an emergency but increases workload

2. If an inde should fail, you only have the remaining gas available in the other cylinder.

3. Its easy to breathe down one inde to almost nil and the other to around half which allows you to replace just one cylinder for a 'two tanker'

4. Twins are breathed as if one cylinder therefore reducing workload.

5. If an element of a twin cylinder should fail, i.e. manifold, HP hose, freeflow second stage or first stage a shutdown is required. But when completed you will have all your remaining back gas available.

6. For the second dive, you may need a second twin set.

I guess that on balance, for recreational depths, indes either back or slung may be better. For tech or deco, manifolded are preferred.

Moi? I use all manifolded twins from sevens, tens, twelves and fifteens. My poor little brain can only manage one system...