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09 February 2009 - 02:15 PM

I can really appreciate this topic because even though my daughter is not yet 2 years old, I have been dreaming of the day when she can dive with me. I've begun taking her to swim lessons, we're members at our local aquarium and she has fallen in love with the ocean and can already identify sharks, seahorses as well as "fish."

Several of you have brought up the stark reality of the physiology involved with diving and how little we really know about it's impact on developing bodies and it has made me really think about what kind of risks I'm willing to expose her to at such a young age (8 - 12 years, not right now.) I imagine what little info there is on kids diving there is even less on girls but I'll have to look into that. If it means that I wait until she's 16 or 18 before I dive with her I'm okay with that. I'll just have to find other water activities we can share.