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In Topic: Olympus C-7070 questions

26 August 2005 - 05:35 AM

Hi Greg,

After a few years with the Oly 3040, a couple of months ago I upgraded to a 7070. Because of the reported problems with the Oly housing, I decided to get the one from Ikelite. The TTL exposure control is an added bonus, it works like a charm for (super)macro.

I'm re-using the Inon UWL100 wide angle lens on this configuration. It vignettes at the widest angle but slightly zooming in or cropping the picture works fine (at the cost of a few degrees of coverage or Kpixels).

The 7070 does struggle with its autofocus, especially in low light and on subjects with little contrast. I found that after zooming out more (which increases depth of field) the AF is doing much better. For small or skittish subjects this may mean cropping and losing pixels again. However 7MP is a lot to work with, especially if one is coming from 3MP.

Sample results are in http://www.pbase.com...rs/elquseir2005

In Topic: oly c-7070 or not?

28 April 2005 - 01:49 AM

You can still use the INON D2000 with the INON optical sync.


That's what I have been doing with the DS125 until now. The optical sensor is not very reliable at times. Maybe it isn't the sensor but the controller, I use the 'TTL' slave not the manual controller. It could also be caused by the relatively long distance between internal flash and sensor, which might suffer from interference from other light sources or suspended particles. The latter may not be an issue with the Inon system because the optical cable is attached right in front of the internal flash.

I would expect a fixed sync cable to perform more consistently.

@Don: It's still a judgement call. The 7070 may not have the best system, but it does autofocus. Also, the problem is mitigated by the DS125 pilot lamp. Anyway, I look forward to your results with the V3.

In Topic: oly c-7070 or not?

27 April 2005 - 06:52 AM

Thanks James.

I read the other posts too, but I'm not preferring the 7070 out of loyalty to Olympus.
When limiting the options to Ikelite housings, there is no sync cable support for the Fuji810. It is supported for the Sony V3 housing but without TTL, and I can't reuse the Inon lenses.

The big question is, does the sync cable with (albeit emulated) TTL outweigh the sub-par autofocus.

In Topic: oly c-7070 or not?

27 April 2005 - 02:39 AM

I'm monitoring this question but it seems there are not a lot of 7070 users around.

After having used the 3040/PT010 for several years, I am considering an upgrade in the near future. At this time my preferred config would be a 7070/Ikelite combination for the following reasons:

- don't practice UW photography enough to justify a DSLR
- can attach my DS125 seamlessly, AND use sync cable with TTL support (not with PT027)
- can reuse Inon lenses


- low-light autofocus performance, shutter lag
- vignetting if UWL-100 is used.

Sorry, I only have more questions. But at least the thread gets bumped up...