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Pole cam + Magic Filters / yes or no?

17 October 2010 - 01:18 PM

Hello together
I am planing a two weeks trip to Madeira and hope that I can get my newly build DIY pole cam in the water (Nexus + 5D mk1 + EF 15mm Fisheye). I am hoping to catch some whales / dolphins. Now I am not sure if I should get a set of Magic Filters for the trip.

- Whats is your opinion / experience with taking Ocean images close to the surface the magic filters especially in 0,3 - 1m? Would you advise to use the Magic Filters?
- Whats would be your preferred ISO / aperture to start with for those ambient light shots ( of cause depending on the light condition / sunny / cloudy /....... )

Thanks for your feedback.

Best regards,