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In Topic: 5mm wetsuit that says warm topside

Yesterday, 02:50 PM

I think there are lots of "skin in" 5 mil wetsuits available, we get ours custom made from aquaflite but there are others using the same Titanium slippery material. 


In Topic: Guide number 22 or 32 and so many other things....

24 November 2015 - 09:17 AM

If your strobes have too much power (hard to imagine) then just move them a bit further away from the subject or point them outwards a bit.  I would get either an Inon or S&S strobe since they will outlast your current system and will be useful far into the future.


In Topic: Sea & Sea / Inon reliability - opinions

24 November 2015 - 09:14 AM

I have a bunch of both Z240s and YS D1s. Flooded a D1 when a battery (eneloop) over discharged and pressurized the cap right off, and had a friend flood one of my Z240s by user error (twisted yellow o-ring). That being said, both are great strobes and both are as good at FO as the other. The inon's have much more sensitive sensors  which means that they can be much more easily used off camera on a tripod as a backlight/fill flash while using the S&S that way needs long FO cables and can be a bit fussy. S&S have had a lot of electronic issues early on with failing battery voltage sensors in TTL mode and this apparently is still going on, last week on the Bilikiki one guest had the problem with a new strobe.  Overall I would go with whichever one you can get more cheaply.



In Topic: Photo/Video Led light Panel Leds? Are the leds in the panels the same?

30 October 2015 - 12:34 PM

In general I think that everyone is using the same type of LED for their panels. Some like CAME TV use high CRI (color rendering index) LEDs and others use lower CRI LEDs but all of them are trying to run at 5600K or so color temperature.  I also believe (but don't know) that each LED is about $0.05 to $0.15 in high volume so even a 1000 bulb array has only $100 or so in LED parts in it. 

Cooling and adjustable color temperatures and very fine control of brightness are all engineering challenges.



In Topic: A6000 >> Macro >> has anyone succeeded using the canon 60mm m...

23 October 2015 - 10:43 AM

I have shot with the canon 60 and adapter. What I do is set the focus long before shooting; and use the manual move the camera forward and back to get the shot.  Works fine if a bit slow.  Trying to use autofocus with any of these adapters (so far) seems hopeless.