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#382052 Oops... Did I just mess up my kit?

Posted by bvanant on 07 March 2017 - 08:50 AM

No worries; think about what forces are on the o-rings and seals. All commercial planes run around the equivalent of 1800 meters (6K feet) or slightly higher than say Denver. Taking your housing to Denver is not such a worry.


#381149 And you think UW shooters are obsessed...

Posted by bvanant on 01 February 2017 - 05:16 PM

Sort of like the psychedelic frogfish in a sunball


#377775 TTL flash trigger for M43 Panasonic/Olympus cameras?

Posted by bvanant on 13 October 2016 - 02:18 PM

I don't think anyone has a TTL flash trigger for the u4/3 cameras and it is not clear that the Nauticam trigger will fit in your housing, check this carefully.  Getting an LED to drive TTL is not terribly simple for optically triggered strobes. As you know typically TTL is obtained by the internal strobe sending out a weak signal then measuring the resulting intensity then sending out the true strobe signal.  Neither Olympus nor anyone else has published the inner workings of their TTL (except in some difficult to understand patents) so this is tricky.


#376140 Macro lens: Olympus 60mm, or Panasonic 45mm?

Posted by bvanant on 16 August 2016 - 07:49 AM

Clearly Bokeh is subjective but for me the Leica/Panasonic wins. We were just in the Northern Sea of Cortez and I shot a lot of brown cheeked blennies with both lenses in similar backgrounds, will try to post some later today.


#376097 Macro lens: Olympus 60mm, or Panasonic 45mm?

Posted by bvanant on 14 August 2016 - 04:20 PM

I have and shoot both. In my opinion the Bokeh on the Panasonic is much better than on the Olympus but the 60 is slightly sharper and focuses slightly faster for me (EM-1, Subal Housing). Neither are hard to handle in my opinion but neither are as simple as a 60 on FF. In terms of macro both lenses shoot 1:1 so the magnification (i.e. the macroness) is identical for either lens although adding a diopter to the 60 will get more mag than the same diopter on the 45.





#375541 Inon S2000 for wide angle

Posted by bvanant on 26 July 2016 - 08:50 AM

Think about strobes for WA. The S2000 has a GN of about 20 and the YSD2 has a GN of 32. This sounds like a lot but in reality it is only one stop or so. NO strobes can light up a reef or a whale shark and any strobe can give you good CFWA stuff. WA photos are really about natural light and getting your composition correct.


For the s2000 with a GN of 20 (in air) or say 7 in water this means that 

GN = Distance (meters) * f stop

so 7 = distance (meters) * 11 (for f/11) so we can light up something about 2 feet (0.63 meters) or so away 

with the D2 and a water GN of 11 we can light up the same thing one meter away at f/11

so the D2 is only good for an additional foot of distance.


Hope this helps



#374377 Guide number of a strobe

Posted by bvanant on 06 June 2016 - 04:07 PM

The guide number of a strobe works like this. 

GN = Distance x F-stop

For a strobe with a GN of 20 (meters ISO 100) on land, I would estimate a GN of 10 (or less) underwater. If I want to shoot at f:11 then I can be around 0.9 meters or a bit less than 3 feet away.  That is why (even with strobes) the rules about get closer and closer are what they are.


#374097 OMD-EM-1 flash (FL-LM2) no longer works?

Posted by bvanant on 29 May 2016 - 02:04 AM

This flash is very suspect to random failures. On a recent Indonesia trip three separate flashes in different rigs all failed. I buy them on eBay and always carry a few spares.


#373561 Wee yellow things on wee black stuff.

Posted by bvanant on 12 May 2016 - 02:31 PM

A very interesting little beast with very cool sexual trimorphism. 

http://www2.nau.edu/...S.M. 1987_2.pdf



#369345 Best option to backup and view RAW pictures while travelling?

Posted by bvanant on 15 January 2016 - 06:40 PM

Laptop is my choice, lets me do real editing (haven't tried the surface pro) on the fly, macbook air is light and relatively fast, my wife uses it for video editing (Final Cut Pro X) as well.


#368955 Shooting 1:1

Posted by bvanant on 05 January 2016 - 08:48 AM

The 105 Nikon lens has a minimum focus distance of about 1 foot (30 cm or so) measured from the focal plane line on the camera body (not the front of the lens). At that distance you get true 1:1 i.e. a beastie 36 mm or so across fills the frame. What you should do  if you are interested is to mount your camera on a tripod and shoot a ruler at various distances from the ruler and you will see that even relatively large movements away (say an inch or 10%) you will still get 38 mm or so filling the frame. If you play that way you will find out how important (to you) that last little bit of magnification is.



#368740 Z-240 to Olympus PT-EP08 Optical Cable??

Posted by bvanant on 29 December 2015 - 08:25 AM

On the camera it looks like a standard S&S connector (just a straight plug). On the Z240 end you need the screw on cap. http://www.bluewater...vMt8aAsfj8P8HAQ

or something similar.


#368212 Definitive Macro for Canon?

Posted by bvanant on 12 December 2015 - 02:48 PM

There supposedly is a new Kenko Tele-Plus converter for the EF-s lenses so the Canon might work, but i have not been able to find one to buy.


#368158 OMD EM-1 in Nauticam housing with Nauty Viewfinder - viewing pics though LCD...

Posted by bvanant on 10 December 2015 - 06:30 PM

You can turn off the proximity sensor.


#368157 Definitive Macro for Canon?

Posted by bvanant on 10 December 2015 - 06:29 PM

For me the definitive macro setup is the Tamron 60 + a 1.4 teleconverter. Great versatility, more magnification out of the box for little things and great results with external diopters.