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New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands: summer synopsis

19 March 2014 - 10:28 PM

The starry toado (pufferfish) baitball encounters are rarely captured - these open water visitors don't last long after being blown in by easterly winds as snapper quickly decimate them. Rikoriko cave is claimed to be the world's largest sea cave - by volume. Northern Arch, known for its squadrons of sting rays soaring the currents. Middle Arch, another of the many arches which contribute to making this island group such a visual feast. And to think that if this had not become protected over 30 years ago there would be little left to experience of the amazing moving window of marine life.

Fiji Siren: NigaliPassage, Taveuni, Namenalala, Bligh Water

14 February 2014 - 05:04 AM



The Fiji Siren has been operating in Fijian waters since October 2013. I enjoyed a seven day cruise in the following month (voyage #4) and again early this year;16-26 January 2014 in hot summer weather and glass calm conditions - one of the most enjoyable live-aboard trips I have been on to date!


This short video provides both top down and underwater perspectives.  The ten day trip route gave the opportunity to spend time at many of Fiji's best dives sites; offering everything from big fish and cetaceans through to macro critters. Areas such as Nigali, Namena and Rainbow Reef would be difficult to collectively cover from land-based operations; particularly during a ten day window where the nights are often used to travel from one location to the next. The comfort and convenience of this well run live-aboard provided excellent opportunities for photography and diverse underwater experiences. It’s a somewhat dreamlike feeling waking up in the morning to a new dive location and time passes all too quickly.


All footage was taken using the Fiji Siren live-aboard boat as a base. Video was shot with GoPro Hero3 - mainly under a quadcopter with both 3-axis and 2-axis brushless gimbals. No post stabilization used on the aerial footage. Stills (macro and wide) were shot with Nikon D7100 in a Nauticam housing with Ikelite DS160 strobes. All video processing was done using GoPro Studio 2. Still images were imported into GoPro Studio 2 after resizing and downscaling. Music by 3 Theory, ‘As We Go’.


More images at: http://underwaterdisplay.net/dive52/



Zen 200mm vs 230mm on Nauticam D800

01 September 2013 - 12:51 PM

If you've used both ports: Zen 200mm and Zen 230mm domes on the D800 Nauticam housing with Nikon 16-35mm and Sigma 15mm lenses I'm after your feedback...


Can I get away with the smaller of the two ports? Obvious factors to me are price and portability but are there significant differences in UW image quality in relation to sharpness, edge sharpness and other factors?