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In Topic: How did you flood?

16 January 2014 - 01:47 AM

OK, here's mine:


The main one was with a very early model Ikelite 10D housing, probably on about it's sixth dive. I was at 45 feet and lying on the sandy floor to try to shoot some subursts - and then noticed water trickling over the viewfinder from the inside. Made a pretty (very) quick ascent and swam back to the boat with the housing above my head. Camera was definitely wet but - somewhat suprisingly - survived to shoot another day.


Back then I was very fond of my shiny new 10D so I always made sure there was no sand etc on the rear o-ring (was pretty obsessive about this). But we'd had humpback whlaes swim under the boat on the way out so I'd grabbed my camera out of the housing to try and get some shots. I think the most likely scenario is that my hastier-than-usual reassembly once we reached the dive site left some dirt/sand/etc on the o-ring.


I spoke to Ike about it and - as always - he was great with the customer support. I had a new housing shipped to me immediately whilst he pressure-tested the flooded one and was back shooting in no time.


Back in the day - before upgarding to the Ikelite housing - I was doing my underwater photography (with my precious, new DSLR and 'L' lens) using a EWA-Marine bag, It survived lots of free-diving and some SCUBA to pretty decent depths with no problems whatsoever.

In Topic: Rather wet DS-50...

15 January 2014 - 11:59 PM

Hmmmmm... after 7 years trying to sell it I can't see anyone falling for it smile.png Hey is that mold??

Might I suggest the best use for it:-
- Cut that sucker in half with a dremel (or an Irish screwdriver, if you prefer)
- Have a look at how it's all put together
- Post pics of what you find so I can get mine apart (WITHOUT using a dremel!) and finally fix the leaky b*stard.


Seven years? That is kind of slow. I think my choice of thread title was poor, should have gone with 'Ds-50 in Excellent Condition FS (Note: slight orange tint to glass)'.


I think the main problem is that I've been a bit tardy on following up with potential buyers in this thread. Look at Johan_Paz - a total of one post on Wetpixel and it was here! But he deleted it. I presume it was an offer to buy.


And Deco - a Tasmanian! You're virtually down the road from me in Oz, kind of. Drop in and take a look if you're interested. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you but I can assure you that THERE IS NO 'MOLD'. I will give you my personal guarantee on that. Damn it, if I'd been a bit quicker to reassure you I'd have the money in the bank by now.


OK, I said the 10% price reduction was final so I don't think I should go lower just because it's been 7 (actually..now 9 and a bit) years on the market. I am, after all, a man of my word. I'll tell you what though, I'll throw in the batteries (mildly corroded but will probably be fine with a bit of a charge) as a sweetener.


Happy for anyone to pick up in person to save on shipping. I won't hold it though, first one to come up with the cash is the lucky new owner. Be quick!


P.S. Giles is a moderator now? Has the world gone mad???