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06 May 2015 - 07:39 AM

Walt, regarding your previous commend about partitioning the drive. As an old PC user, when people still had to reinstall the operating system once in a while to speed up your comuter, your suggestion was a valid one. However, nowdays with SSD drives and without the option to change just one harddrive if it fails, the suggestion just adds shortcomings. You run into the risk of running out of space for your pictures/movies on your secondary drive and still have room on the primary, or the other way round. Finding files (with spotlight) will not be quicker with your way, since most of the system-files (/Library for instance) is excluded in the search, and most other are hidden from finder.


SSDs (that face it, most laptops run on these days) servers up data just as quickly from the first block as from the last, and its actually better for the SSD to be able to use the whole drive to even out the writes on the HD (SSDs have a finite numbers of writes per block) then to force it into specific partitions. So while your suggestion was valid say 5 years ago (at least use an SSH drive for the OS and another for storing your data) the same usage on a modern laptop with just one SSD is not somthing I would suggest do.


/Best regards, Björn