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In Topic: sealant gel for sealing strobe cord/cable end????

31 March 2016 - 06:30 AM

You could also use this stuff from SUGRU. it is a rubber product and salt water resistant.





look on ebay or amazon, you can find there.

In Topic: Canon 7d flash help

08 March 2016 - 10:16 AM

I have had that same problem on my 7D. Its the flash contact stuck. Look at this video on youtube. easy fix.


In Topic: Re-use aquatica domeports for Aquatica 80 housing

15 September 2015 - 07:44 AM

the old aquatica ports are great for making margaritas in. :crazy:

In Topic: Shot this Great White on IPhone 6

31 August 2015 - 10:21 AM

Looks good. Myself , I'm gonna wait till the Iphone 8 comes out. Apparently it will have a feature that will allow the shark to take a photo of me in the cage. I'll be able to get rid of my selfie stick soon. :pardon: