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Nikonos RS - O rings

05 July 2007 - 05:51 AM

Does anyone know whether the Nikonos RS O rings are made from:

Silicone - which requires that Floro-slicone grease (e.g. blue capped silicone from Sea & Sea or Molykote FS1292); OR

Non silicone or Black Nitrile (NBR) - which requires regular silicone grease like Molykote 111 OR petroluem gel

My thinking is that it is probably Silicone O rings (as it is Orange in colour as the old non silicone O rings used to be black). But I have since got confused because in Jim Church's book on the Nikonos system he explicitly said that no grease with silicone should be used on the Nikonos V or RS's O rings. As far as I am aware, if the O ring is silicone both Floro-silicone or regular silicone should work.

Can someone help clarify?

Paul NG