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photos of West Atlantic / East Pacific shrimps

08 September 2011 - 08:51 AM

Hey guys !

we (a colleague of mine in the UK and myself) just launched the preparation of a long awaited key to all genera of shrimp-like decapod crustaceans (Procarididea, Caridea, Stenopodidae, Dendrobranchiata) of the tropical and subtropical Western Atlantic, followed by a similar key to the genera of the Eastern Atlantic and later also the Eastern Pacific ... Indo-West Pacific is planned down the line, this could be a project for 2013-2014

the key itself will be pretty technical and illustrated with some line drawings and BW photos (taken under a microsocpe or a dissecting scope) to show at least some important distinguishing characters

in addition, to make the paper more colourful and "appetising", for each family we want to provide 1 colour plate showing a selection of genera

I have a lot of photos of various shrimps, mainly from Panama and Honduras, therefore, we will be quite happy to include photos from other areas (West Atlantic from North Carolina to NE Brazil, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, + any locality in the subtropical and tropical East Atlantic and East Pacific) to increase taxonomic and geographic coverage, and also to show both in situ and lab shots

so if there are some shrimp lovers on Wetpixel who want to contribute with nice photos, please let me know, here is my email


also, maybe you know somebody who has photos of deep-water and pelagic shrimps from the area, these are pretty scarce




14 April 2011 - 02:51 AM

Hi folks

a colleague of mine is searching for photos of aplacophorans - worm-like mollusks, without shell - for a book on invertebrate phyla .. can be either caudofaveates or solenogastrids

most species are small and in deep water, but there are some shallow-water representatives

if you have some pictures, please contact me at artour_a*yahoo.com (replace * with @)