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22 January 2015 - 04:18 PM

Cool one puffer fish...  i might get one of those aquako at the end of the month... My friend is out of stock and apparently there is a "new design"... 
Let see... will keep inform ! 



I was corresponding with Journey Bang back in December to get more info about the product since he's the president of Aquako.  I was going to order it directly from him since there is no US distributor but he said they were sold out but was expecting a new shipment in around the middle of January.  However he didin't mention anything to me about the changing the design of the lens.

Shortly after emailing with him I was able to locate and order the IV.  Will be heading to Utilla in March and can't wait to try it out!

In Topic: 2 X Subsee +10 stack together !

03 December 2014 - 06:05 PM

Has anyone compared the saga +15 with the aquako III..... Both are sort of comparable in price and I need to pick up another lens by march.
Are there any dealers for the aquako in the US?

In Topic: 2 X Subsee +10 stack together !

30 November 2014 - 04:25 PM

It's been a few mints since the last post and am wondering if anyone has compared the aquako with the saga +15. I was going to buy the saga at DEMA but didnt get a chance to go back to their booth before leaving. The aquako III looks interesting so a, now trying to get more info about it. My next trip is in march so would like to get something by then. Like the nauticam lens but it is just too expensive for me right now.