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In Topic: DX-1G - data and white balance?

30 June 2008 - 03:34 PM

DNG does in fact store WB settings. As it is a raw format, one can generate different images using other WB settings, but the original setting is in fact stored in the DNG. (Other RAW formats may very well not store the WB setting, i don't know)

However, there are other settings that the camera engine uses for the image generation that are not stored with the image. For example "colour saturation", i fiddled with this setting in Lightroom, and noticed that the a very low saturation generated a similar image to the camera's JPG.

Hi oskar,

Correct, there is a WB setting in DNG (and in other RAW formats like CR2). My understanding is that the initial WB setting in the DNG is set by the camera when it takes the photo. As I said before, in my experience, the WB on the JPG is the same as the WB on the DNG file when I load it with ACR.

As you said, not all settings are transferred to the DNG. As far as I know the sliders on the DX-1G for in-camera sharpening, saturation, and contrast are only applied to the JPG files, and not the DNG files. Once you make adjustments to the DNG in a program like ACR, it stores those development settings with the file (or in the case of CR2, a sidecar file).

In Topic: DX-1G and YS110 missfire?

28 June 2008 - 09:25 AM

Hi oskar,

I'm still working on my strobe workflow :D I did really well with the camera & available light, but I've found adding the strobe in to be a pretty steep learning curve. Typically I'm using A 2.5 and -.7 AE, strobe in manual mode. Depending on the scene and level of reflection I'll play with mostly just the strobe power to get the right level for a shot. Occasionally I'll have to drop the AE to -2 if the scene is getting blown out by the strobe and I don't have the diffuser with me.

Here are some of my newest photos, taken during a night dive:

As you can see I've got some issues with hot spots from my dive light. I need to get a vid light or a focus light + another strobe eventually.

In Topic: DX-1G - data and white balance?

28 June 2008 - 09:13 AM

lrossel is correct. One of the benefits with using RAW is that you can change the WB after the fact and not lose any quality. That said, I find that opening a RAW file in most editors will automatically load the WB that the camera had set at the time of taking the photo - this should be the same WB that was used to create the JPG. I know photoshop/adobe camera raw does this, and I seem to remember lightroom doing this as well. Do you have lightroom set to auto tune photos in any way? If so, it might be adjusting WB.

Regarding setting the white balance, yes, you need to use a gray or white object to set WB to. I'm lazy - I just find a white object in the scene after when editing the photo in Adobe Camera RAW, then set the WB reading off of that.

Regarding time limits for exposure, I haven't noticed that, but I primarily am using A. What modes are you finding that limit?

In Topic: Stoopid question(s) ...DX-1G vid mode

28 June 2008 - 08:55 AM

I would think it work just fine using a vid light & strobe, I've thought about doing the same thing for night dive photography. The alternative is buying a focus light, but I always wonder how much it changes your exposure. The only thing you need to check is to make sure strobe and the vid light both have a similar color temp. Otherwise you will be stuck with managing two temps in the same photo.

I sent some of these vids in a PM already, but figured some others on the board might want to take a look.

These were taken free diving:

These were taken scuba diving:

In Topic: DX-1G and YS110 missfire?

22 June 2008 - 04:39 PM

Hi oskar,

I've found mine does the same thing when the batteries are low. It fires, but sometimes is picky about it. If I put fresh batteries in the strobe it seems to work fine. Is that the case for yours as well?