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In Topic: Canon 35mm F1.4 - any good for shooting models in a pool?

20 February 2017 - 02:11 PM

Yes. Excellent lens behind a large dome - I use it behind a Seacam Superdome and have hired the same rig out to advertising photographers (was used on an Olympic Games advertising shoot and really impressed the photographer shooting with it). Highly recommended lens  for models as far as I'm concerned - mine's the earlier MkI lens too. 

In Topic: Help identify this housing- general introduction

21 March 2016 - 09:21 AM

Hi Jimm


Firstly Nikonos 5 cameras are fine - they have known weak points but these can be managed. For example there is a plastic cover in the middle of the wind-on lever. If its still there prise it off (its stuck down) and check for rust - the plastic glued in bit retains water and consequently you can get corrosion problems under it. Well looked after cameras will probably be missing the glued in bit as their owners will have removed them. If the camera is fine (from the case it looks to have travelled) then once its serviced (try Kevin at www.aquaphot.com (Essex based) - very good and well worth talking to as he really knows Nikonos cameras) it should be fine for a good time and if you maintain it well you shouldn't have problems - they work well if looked after. Same goes for the lenses - both are good and the 35 with Subawider, whilst not stunning can be surprisingly effective..


The Morris Flash (I vaguely remember a Toshiba connection but I may be wrong) is old and has probably lost a bit of power so is worth checking out - not serviceable these days I'd suspect as its simply too old and I doubt that spares still exist. Nikonos SB105s are still to be had at fair prices - good units and reliable.