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In Topic: Need help hugyfot D7000 cannot removed ext. port

07 September 2017 - 06:30 AM

What I found increases the problem, is leaving the ports or rings in situ for multiple days.

I think that the problem is that the lubricating grease can get displaced away from the sealing 'O' ring when pressure reduces leaving an 'O' ring rubber to metal/plastic contact only. When this happens the resistance to the rotational movement required to remove the port is vastly increased as there is no lubrication and as stated it can be very difficult to remove the port (I've actually used two substantial policemen to do so, which worked a treat but policemen are rarely around when you want them ;)). In my experience, as Craig says, leaving a port or extender in place for many days and dives seems to make things worse - probably by displacing a little more lubricating 'O' ring grease on each dive as pressure reduces and increasing the area of rubber to metal/plastic contact. I have a strap wrench now too for this problem.

In Topic: Thoughts: Sony A7R II from D810

06 September 2017 - 06:24 AM

I've been trying the Sony 28/2 with the wide converter (21mm effective) behind Seacam's CompactPort. Not bad although corners not perfect - the Superdome would probably improve things but its too vulnerable in Scottish waters. Good vis helps though - who needs fisheyes? (Only kidding).


Pink encrusting calcareous algae in a Scottish sea loch and, would you believe, sea loch anemones (Protanthia simplex) - glacier worn rock.


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In Topic: Thoughts: Sony A7R II from D810

05 September 2017 - 02:01 AM

Thanks Ricardo. Always interesting to see other's take on how stuff works. The problem I'm finding is that the camera can focus on stuff like suspended matter and changing this takes time which leads to lost shots. My problem is comparing it with a Canon dSLR which is far easier to shift things quickly. Over complexity is frustrating and can no doubt be dealt with by selecting a specific set of parameters but I'm not there yet. 

In Topic: Thoughts: Sony A7R II from D810

04 September 2017 - 12:34 PM

I've just spent two weeks diving in west Scotland with an A7II. Its a frustrating camera. It is capable of very good results indeed but it was a real fight to get it to operate as I wanted it to. And yes AF can be messy - it is happy to focus on suspended matter and persuading it not to was not always easy; over mud there was a lot of suspension. I can't compare it to an 810 but I still think that it and dSLRs are simply significantly different and have differing strengths and weaknesses. Battery life surprised me - 2 x hour plus dives in cool (13~14C) water without problem but I was not shooting video at all. I was interested in using the camera because its great strength for me is weight and I'm happy with it but I still have a housed dSLR too (with fisheye), so best of both worlds. I'm really torn over the A7 cameras - they are very capable, small and light and versatile, but frustrating in use both above and below water. I use it with Sony (above and below water) and Leica M lenses (above water).

In Topic: Seacam housing for Canon 1DS MkIII etc.

24 May 2017 - 04:07 AM

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