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Subal FEP MkIII for sale

16 May 2017 - 06:16 AM

I'm wading through the stuff I've been asked to sell. There is what appears to be a Subal FEP and I'm told its probably the MkIII version - its about 10 years old has the odd mark on the black aluminium from handling and the rubber 'hood' has slight distortion from storage (can probably be sorted by putting it into warm water?), but, I believe that it has never actually been used! So it could be described as sort of 'shop soiled'. Asking £600 which is a considerable saving on new (I think that this port is still available as far as I can make out. PM me if interested. Photos can be available if requested. PM me or email me: paul at marinewildlife do co dot uk

Inon Arms & Clamps for sale

11 May 2017 - 10:23 AM

I have been asked by a friend to dispose of some unwanted, and some even unused, underwater photographic gear. For a start there are the following:


Inon Arm S 150mm (x2), Inon Arm M 200mm (x 2), & Inon Clamps (metal - a few years old, I don't think that these are current) (x6).


These are all in their original packaging  and seem never to have been used although they may be as much as 10 years old I believe.


I am open to reasonable offers, preferably for the lot. So excluding the flash (strobe connector) and housing/camera connector, there are 2x complete arms here (150mm + 200mm arms and clamps) in as 'new' condition. I'll charge post/shipping at cost. Payment by Paypal/Bank Xfer. PM me if interested. I can post pix but they are boxed and immaculate so there is little point!


I will post more including a large Subal dome port (DP-FE MkIII I think - immaculate except some distortion in the rubber 'hood'), 2 x Subal macro ports and a Subal Extension Ring - I need to measure these. So keep viewing if these may be of interest or PM me.





Sony FE 50mm f/2.8 macro on A7II

22 April 2017 - 12:35 PM

When I searched I found it difficult to find any information on this lens for use underwater before buying it. Having now bought one and tried it, I thought it worth a short post. I dived in the Menai Strait yesterday (very good vis for the Strait at ~5m and 10 degrees C), first time out with an A7II in a Seacam housing with the 50 macro lens - using a Seaflash 150 manually for illumination.


The lens is a 'conventional' (extending) type design which is not as convenient as an internal focus type lens but retains its focal length 'better'. This does mean that a longer port has to be used to allow for its extension during focus. Its focus speed is also quite slow but I bought it for use in UK waters and mostly for benthic stuff so this isn't too much of a worry and in practice it was less problematic than it sounds. I had concerns about battery life with the power used to drive this lens too but found that an hour long, coolish dive didn't flatten it so this was unfounded.


Anyway, results. Despite using the rear screen only and there being slight current at times (we went in just before slack and got out just after - as is the way with the Strait) focus was very accurate indeed, even on small subjects. I didn't push it down to 1:1 but got close. Mid range was excellent too. Here's one shot worth posting of something I've never seen here before. An incredibly slippery butterfish caught by a velvet swimming crab. Its very crisp indeed at f/14. I look forward to shooting with this lens - its surprisingly light in weight but an excellent performer.


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