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WTB Seacam D200/300 housing

02 August 2015 - 02:51 AM

A bit of an odd one this (and hope its not breaching the 'commercial' rules). One of my customers requires another Seacam D200/300 housing - its for student use in courses and the budget is limited otherwise they'd buy a new one. Any offers please let me know via pm. Many thanks. Paul

Rolleimarin Info wanted

06 February 2015 - 12:55 AM

I just bought in a Rolleimarin housing complete with flash and canvas bags and all in very clean condition other than I can't get it apart as yet - I don't think that its been opened in a very long time. But how do I figure out which version I've got (I to IV I believe) and which version of the camera (3.5F) to look for to put inside. I'm not sure what I'll actually do with it - its very clean as I said and perhaps a little long in the tooth for actual use - but its a fabulous looking beast and will make a great display item if nothing else.

Canon 72mm & 77mm Close-up Lenses 500D

09 October 2014 - 04:07 AM

I'm sorting through boxes of bits and pieces and have found these two. Genuine Canon 500D close-up lenses in 72mm and 77mm, both very clean and boxed. New UK price is around £150ish new and I'm looking for around half this. So £75 each.

Seacam Silver Housing outfit - Canon 5D Mk1

01 October 2014 - 11:39 PM

I have decided to keep a 1DSMk3 housing so have a Canon 5D housing, GPro viewfinder, WidePort, MacroPort and camera body up for sale.


This housing started its working life as my demo Seacam housing but when I moved to a Mk2 it became my wife's (she will take over my 5D2 so I'm selling this 5D housing on her behalf). Its been well used and does shows signs of of this but has been kept in good working order (at some point it will require a service but the price reflects this). The G Pro viewfinder is almost as new because it came from the 1DS housing and really shows no signs of use. The WidePort has had the shades reduced in height (for fisheye use but probably irrelevantly) and has been used heavily - there are small marks to the coating and a few minor scratches - these are all small and do not affect the images taken with the port. The MacroPort is a P105, which whilst not ideal for a 5D, is a good starter port - it is used and again shows signs of use with some marks to the front glass - again extremely unlikely to affect the images.


We are asking a firm £1250 for the lot which makes it a good full-frame starter housing which simply needs a flash and arm to complete - on this topic, I can fit two flash sockets s required - currently it uses a Nikonos socket plugged into the camera's PC flash socket which has proved to be a very reliable system indeed (I don't think that it has ever not worked) for manual flash triggering, but I can also fit a full TTL socket to the hotshoe (S6 or N5) aswell. The camera body which is included has spent the vast majority of its life in the housing and has probably shot well under 20k actuations but I have not checked this - I will try to do so - and has I think 2 batteries. I think I have a 'standard' 'O' ring set as included originally and grease and oil too. Pm me for any further info or photos.

Seacam housing for Canon EOS1D3/1DS3 for sale

07 September 2014 - 04:56 AM

I have an immaculate used Seacam housing for the Canon 1D/1DS Mk3 camera for sale. I sold this housing new and it has had one owner who has told me, and I believe, that it has been only very lightly used in pools and in freshwater only (I don't think that it has been used on scuba as far as I am aware). I can supply this as a bare housing or with used Finder G Pro and WdePort/Macro Port etc. Currently it is fitted with 2 x S6 sockets and I may be able to supply a Seaflash 150TTL or Ikelite DS125 with it too. Price will depend on configuration but will be very substantially below new - pm me if interested and I can discuss prices/requirements.