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In Topic: Amazed and Alarmed - Chapter 1

24 August 2010 - 06:12 AM

Thank you Steve for sharing your trip with so much passion!!! Your writing skills are as impressive as your pictures. Very well done!! :D

Can't wait for part II.



In Topic: Southern Egypt

20 March 2010 - 12:24 PM

Very nice Fred. I too am a regular at Shargra and Lahami and your images are some of the finest I have seen. Lahami (and Ross!) is our favourite as Shagra is getting a little too busy these days. But CJ and I will have a week there this autumn to shoot the Longimanus at Elphinstone.

Hi Tim,

I agree that Ross is a very unique individual. Once you get to know him, he is so great to be around (above- or underwater). Good luck with the longimanus next Autumn.



Nice pictures, Fred. The BW shot of the whole wreck with divers is really a great wreck shot. I am going to Marsa Shagra in a months time, looking forward to shooting some Red Sea stuff.

/Bent C

Hello Bent,

Thank you for your comments, I truly hope that you will enjoy your time in Marsa Shagra as much as I did.



In Topic: Southern Egypt

20 March 2010 - 12:19 PM

Welcome Fred,
Nicely done. I like the 3rd one a lot. What are you shooting?


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your comments and your welcome.

I am using a D80 in a Sea and Sea housing with a tokina 10-17.