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In Topic: External Monitor for Still Shooting

22 August 2018 - 07:49 PM


Hi all
​Interesting discussion.... :)
I am waiting for one of the "heavy cannon brands" ...or maybe the small/unknown ones...to launch "the solution " that should be already born in my opinion>>>> for all the DSLR/Reflex underwater housings/cameras :
1. Monitor >> that is connected to a micro camera >> that is placed on the camera view finder! yes yes....
instead of the optical "old "wet /external viewfinder.
if you try to put your smartphone camera directly on your camera viewfinder, you will understand the potential
so simple and so obvious!
2. light weight! thin monitor....the technology exists already!
3. THE MOST SIMPEL WAY FOR MONITOR ....SMARTPHONE MONITOR! in an universal minimal housing 
that you buy once...and you can place any smartphone .
and control only the screen or more via an APP




Thanks Lionfish, let me try this using the camera of my smart phone on the view finder, if this is the case, probably the least expensive way with best result! Such a good suggestion and idea! 


In Topic: Sony/Nauticam FE 16-35mm F/4 zoom and zoom gear

18 September 2017 - 05:34 AM

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply. However, I am not sure why I haven't got your PM. I've also found another source here in Asia for the zoom gear.. pls. let me check and if I can't make it, will definitely reach you and ask for your help again. CHeers

In Topic: Sony/Nauticam FE 16-35mm F/4 zoom and zoom gear

11 September 2017 - 08:20 PM

Hi Phil, may I know the N-100 to N120 35.5mm port adapter with zoom, is the Nauticam serial number #37303? It's with Zoom and focus knot right? 

I have the 16-35 lens already. I am interesting in the zoom gear and also the adapter. 

From what Nauticam's recommendation. It seems that if I use this 1635 lens, I need 1> N100-N120 adapter, 2> 180mm Dome and 3> zoom gear. if the extension ring 21150 required? I actually tried to use n100_n120 knot adapter + 180mm glass dome and it's working (except I don't have zoom gear that I can't adjust). So I doubt if that extension ring 50 is indeed required. 


Thanks for your help!