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Anyone have experience using Sigma MC-11 Adapter?

11 January 2017 - 01:54 AM

Hi all, 

Greetings. I am new here, nice to meet you all! Hope I ask the question at right group. 

I am using SONY A7R2 with Nauticam Housing. I've been doing Macro for past months and was about to start with Wide / Fisheye photo taking. After searching around, I decided to go for an economic solution using Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens. I know that Metabone adapter is necessary and seems it's been working well with Sigma and Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens. At the same time, I also found that Sigma MC-11 adapter has been widely discussed and it's around half the price of Metabone but performing the same. Therefore I went to this option (Sigma 15mm Fisheye + Sigma MC-11 EF adapter)

It's been working great on land and I was fully confident before I jumped into water. Since my first time, I found there is problem.... 

I couldn't press my shutter properly and the lens couldn't focus at all (forgot to mention I've updated to the latest firmware for both my SONY camera and Sigma Adapter, I also test it working perfectly above surface without housing). I had to power cycle my camera underwater to try if it could help... however, the result is negative 

I found everytime I took it out from my Nauticam housing, it was like hang status, then I tried to toggle the switch of the lens from Auto to Manual then back to Auto and it works again. I thought this maybe adapter issue, but later, I found it's the housing vacuum environment related. 

I am using a Nauticam housing as mentioned before plus a N100-N120 adapter and 180mm DOME (it's not big enough, I see the black shadow). I found that whenever I try to pump the air out to make the housing vacuum (green light), the camera may work sometimes... if I get a few more pump after the vacuum light turned to green, I couldn't focus at all, and also can't press the shutter to shoot properly. 

Since I've not tried Metabone, may I know if there is any user can share their experience either using 1) Sigma MC-11 or 2) Metabone adapter? 

If you have similar problem, pls. can you share if you have any solution? 

Thanks for reading and your help in advance! Have a nice day!