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ID sources for Kakaban Lake

09 August 2006 - 02:59 AM

Does anyone know any sources or websites for ID of flatworms, gobies and fish from Kakaban lake in Borneo? Or any sites with IDs?

Its a brackish water lake that used to be part of the sea just off the Kalimantan coast (derawan, maratua) and hence the species have evolved in isolation some since it was created.

I have a few pics from my trip there but they are "stuck" in my workflow at the moment (trying to ID b4 processing further). Anyone know any sources?


crab and sea snail from lembeh

07 July 2006 - 05:37 PM

can anyone help with these two - they have me stumped

this is the first one i have not been able to find
Lembeh - about 1-15 mm long, 5 meters deep

Posted Image

this is one is not on its orig host, it was found on a sea urchin at night but i could not get a focus lock (black crab - black urchin) - normally i would not move anything but i knew it was something i had not seen before (poor excuse!)

Lembeh - about 10 mm wide, 15 meters deep

Posted Image

ps have not been in the water since last october but am off to maratua in a week so hopefully i can stump myself somemore