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In Topic: Halcyon Apollo 2x50w HID..any good?

06 January 2008 - 09:26 AM

Hi there!
I now use a Sony VX 2000 in a Ampihibico housing and I am very happy with my gear.
I have Amphibicos halogen light system and I usually use 2x 50w.
Now I have been offered to buy a set of Halcyon Apollo Video 13.5ah dual 50watt HID lights with arms at a good price and I am tempted.
I once owned a Halcyon light and it was a piece of s... but I hear that they are much better now.
Do you have any ideas, comments or pointers I would be very greatful!


Halcyon lights are fine, in fact their quality control is now second to none :P
If I were to buy HID then I'd go for the Halcyon Apollo of if I needed even more light then I'd go for the Halcyon HMI200 (soon to be released).



In Topic: Sony HC7 & Light and Motion VS. ????????

11 December 2007 - 03:12 PM

bfdc, while I don't have hands on experience with those two housings, I did look at their features when I was making my decision to house the HC7.

L&M - Manual WB. Viewfinder only at the time I was shopping for housings. It seems now the L&M HC7 BlueFin comes with a SD monitor on the back.

Amphibico - no MWB, just WB shift. SD Monitor on back included.

Just got off the phone to L&M and the SD monitors are not in stock until Feb 08. They have agreed to sell with the std back and ship the back later but its a bit of a disappointment! :angry: