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Patima Housings

07 July 2005 - 01:00 PM

Just found http://www.patimahou...com/e_index.htm - they have cool looking housings for Oly C7070 and 5060. Even Digideep does not list "Patima" :)

ETTL again....

20 October 2004 - 10:41 AM

Some questions to the experts:

Ikelite says an upgrade is required for optimal performance when taking pictures less then 5 sec. apart. This $50 upgrade disables the audiable ready signal of the DS125. I'm no engineer, but what does the audiable ready signal has to do with taking pictures less than 5 seconds apart???

Why is the conversion circuity not available for the 10D/G2/G3/G5 but only for 300D and 20D (in Dez.)? It does not fit mechanically into the housing, right? Would it fit if all the buttons were not required (10D has FEC "on board")

"more accurate eTTL pre-flash" (see: http://www.ikelite.c.../2canonTTL.html ) means the special "strobo preflash" I assume. Is high speed-sync supported which works with strobo flashes (see: http://www.chem.hels...ge/hispeed.html ), as well?

Are there any more 10D-ETTL options as:
-Ikelite (no 10D support?)
-Aquatica (no 10D housing?)
-Subtronic EOS 300D (Works with 10D?)
-Matthias' Converter units (Tests anywere?)
-housed land flash gun (urgs...)
-Sea&Sea YS55 ETTL (2*AA Power flash...)

Thanks in advance...

Digital Adapter 2

06 October 2004 - 12:30 AM

To whom it may concern, Mathias just announced the new version of his digital slave adapter