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Cathay Pacific

06 December 2005 - 07:41 AM

I am traveling to Indonesia in a few days on Cathay Pacific. I noticed that they have a ridiculous weight limit on carry-on stuff--15pds. I have a lowpro roadrunner with many L-lens and mkII 1ds in it, and a secondary bag with a computer in it. Obviously, I do not want to check it under the plane. It weighs in at 33 pds (without the secondary computer bag). Has anyone had any experiences with this airlines? Are they that serous about carry-on stuff that they are going to make me check it under the plane? If so, will they let me put the camera around my neck and stuff some lens in my jacket?

Any suggestions, mark

sync speed help

02 May 2005 - 05:48 PM

I am now using a Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark II in a Seacam housing. I was using two ds125s (I flooded one and am now contemplating switching strobes). In trying to achieve the sun balls or freeze sun rays, I have noticed that to come close I need to push my shutter speed higher then the max sync speed of 250.

I am curious of the relation ship between published sync speed and what a camera is able to do. Canon tech support is of no help. Canon does have ability to high speed sync with its own flash.

I decided to run some test tonight in my living room with the housing and one ds125. Taking pictures of a plant I noticed that pushing to 320 will give a decent result—some loss of light. As I push the shutter speed up past that I get the bottom of the picture cut off while the top half seemed to have decent exposure, but the same loss of light. The faster I push the speed the more the picture is cut offed. It is as if a card is placed in front of the lens. I then tried to cut the power down on the strobe. The only effect was a poor exposure in the top half of the shot. What is causing the blocked light effect?

I then hooked up my Canon flash and put it in high speed mode. As I pushed the shutter speed up, my picture over all got darker but there was no picture cut off. I could naturally compensate for the darkness by opening the aperture.

So what is my limiting factor here? If it is the dump time of the strobe wouldn’t I have poor exposure throughout the picture not just a cut off bottom? And if the camera can high speed sync with a Canon without cutting off the picture why can’t it do it with an external strobe?

Any suggestions on tricking the camera into letting me high speed sync? Has anyone tried to use a Canon flash u/w and with what results?

Finally I need to open the can of worms, which strobe might be able to dump quicker if in fact that is the issue?

Thanks, mark