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In Topic: Aquatica D200 upgrade

13 March 2008 - 03:38 AM

No rumor here, we are working on a conversion package for the D200 to D300. at this stage we have yet to see anything that would refrain us from doing it.

Most important, Its going to be a easy thing to set up. :)

Are any updates available yet on the D200 to D300 conversion? I have been waiting since February for an update and it hasn't arrived so I thought I would ask. If this happens then I would probably purchase the D200 housing and not have to get rid of it if upgrading to the D300.

In Topic: Japan removes Humpbacks from hunt list

03 January 2008 - 06:59 PM

Does anybody know if any Japanese companies that manufacture diving equipment or underwater photo gear have made statements against the whaling activities sanctioned by their government. If not then maybe, divers should consider this issue when making purchases. It may only be a small push but anything that can help should be tried. If those companies start loosing sales then they may start having a say on the matter. If they have already made statements against whaling, then they can be applauded but they need to increase their publicity so that we all know that they are attempting to change the Japanese position. It seems weak of us to continue purchasing Japanese products when the killing of whales continues. Our money may help make a difference.

This same argument could be applied against other whaling nations but I am not sure about any diving industry in those countries.

In Topic: Sea & Sea Housings discontinued?

03 January 2008 - 02:34 PM

Having recently discovered that the D200 housing was discontinued annoyed me somewhat, as this has happened to me once before with S and S housings. Given the huge investment with the cost of the camera and housing I am not in the financial position where I can buy both at the same time. This situation first occured with the D70S, having purchased the camera by the time I was able to think about the housing it was discontinued and none were available. Now, I find I am probably in the same position with the D200. I have a D50 with housing which I use and find to be very good and own two ports and extensions. If this is the way Sea and Sea operate then I will have to change my loyalties and move to a different housing manufacturer who doesn't discontinue their products so quickly and therefore have a bit more support.