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In Topic: Sony a7s II underwater use -- All parameters

28 September 2016 - 07:16 PM

Thanks very much Howeikwok!  Yes I see that.  I did not know that combination could focus so closely.  Is that what you used on the eel nearer the end?  How close does the lens have to be from the eel to get that kind of shot?  A few inches?


I need to learn from you about the dive sites in Indonesia.  I have become highly interested in diving there.  Raja Ampat is my first trip.




Yes.  I do hope we all make it back. 


I think the eel was using the 90mm macro lens. For the WWL, i think the subject can be almost touching the lens and it will still focus. the minimum focal distance is quite short if i'm not wrong.


Raja Ampat is fantastic for both Macro and Wide Angle. Coral cover in the Dampier Straits area is the best i've ever seen. Oceanic mantas, schools of barracudas and jacks. The 'walking' cat shark. Lots of macro opportunities as well like pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, mandarin fish etc.

In Topic: Sony a7s II underwater use -- All parameters

27 September 2016 - 11:58 PM


How would you use that combination?  Photo?  With video lights?  I don't have a strobe, only video lights as I am interested in video mainly, but will likely branch out.  Would you use ambient light to shoot a photo?


And if video, would you necessarily need a tripod?  Or can you hand hold?  IT would seem the subject would need to be about 1 inch from the lens to get that close.


I will try some tests in the pool before we leave.  Thanks for the information.


I shot a 4-5 cm nudibranch on video with video lights much earlier in the year when i was testing the system out on a short weekend trip. If i remember it correctly the footage was shot without a tripod just rested the whole housing on the seabed or using my hand below the housing to support.


[media][/media] Nudi footage at 1:15 onwards

In Topic: Sony a7s II underwater use -- All parameters

26 September 2016 - 07:11 PM



Hi there Howeikwok.  


I agree with the others.  Really superb.  I know I can learn a lot from you.  I am going to Raja on October 21, and Ammar is going there on a liveaboard around the same time.  I don't think I have time to learn macro video before then.  Just started shooting with an "SLR" underwater in June. So I am on steep learning curve.


I do, however, want to use a tripod I purchased.  I will take the wet wide angle off the housing, and that will leave me with a 28 mm, which underwater would be a 35 mm, which hopefully will focus closely.  I would like to ask you some questions a little later about the use of the tripod.  I will bring mine and will want to use it for "close ups," or "portraits" as opposed to macro, and then move into macro later.


Thank you for joining the group!  Will be back to you soon about the tripod questions.




The 28mm with the Nauticam WWL will focus quite closely. In fact you can shoot a good sized nudibranch with this combination.

In Topic: Sony a7s II underwater use -- All parameters

26 September 2016 - 03:23 AM

I asume you are using a tripod and the FE 90mm GM.


Yes. I'm using a tripod plate and legs from I-DAS. Using the Sony 90/2.8 macro and A7R2 in a Nauticam housing with the Small HD 501 monitor. Using video lights from this new company called Weefine. Supposed to be 3800 lumens with CRI of 95. Also using the FIT +10 diopters as well as the Noodilab Moby diopter. 

In Topic: Sony a7s II underwater use -- All parameters

25 September 2016 - 07:43 PM

Shot this in June in Lembeh with the A7R2. Still on the steep learning curve for video.