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my first focus light

15 October 2017 - 10:35 AM

I decided its time for a real focus light.  Not wanting to spend too much thought I'd poll for opinions.  Hoping to be in the $100 range.  

I will be using a Sony RX100 VI - or whatever it is they announce in a few days as the successor to the RX100 V.  I have been using a Pano Micro 4/3's and decided its time to update.  I shoot 99.99% stills so I dont care about its video capabilities.  It will be a focus light and night dive light - tho I have other main dive lights for night... so I dont need a lot of power.


I use dual S2000 strobes.  Not sure what else info is needed.  I'd prefer not to use something with 'tossable' batteries.   I would expect to mount it on the cold shoe tho I have a triple ball adapter so I could mount on an arm.


I do get great pricing at Light&Motion so those guys rise to the top of the list - bit still cost a decent bit.



Much thanks!