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In Topic: Dear Housing Manufacturer, my wishlist is ....

06 May 2008 - 05:45 AM

Well I realise that I am probably in the minority as far as videographers go- being a very petite female, however I am going to add my two cents worth to the wish list just in case...

1. Definately a flip screen because not only does it allow ease of filming, but a small mirror always comes in handy to check that one's mascara is definately as waterproof as the cosmetics company claims.

2. Speacial 'lady sized' hand pieces with smaller distances between the controls to prevent wobble when readjusting grip to adjust zoom, focus or other manual functions.

3. A little windscreen wiper on the lense so I don't have to use so much paper towel to dry the lense for up top shots (the divemasters are complaing about all the scrunched up tissues all over the boat).

4. An option for pink powder coating...just to match my fins.

Hmm that is all for now.... and for the record, I love my Amphibico Evo and mourn my Amphibico Navigator- that was truly my best dive buddy ever! ;)

In Topic: Guess What We Shot Today

06 May 2008 - 05:15 AM

Hmmm- "We" shot on the back of Ningaloo Reef huh Wags?...
As far as I know, I left you in bed at 6.15am and went out on the reef ALONE!
Which means I shot that dancer without tanks and you stayed at home and had cups of coffee with the cat while surfing the Wetpixel forums!....

Pls direct any further comments to me- NOT that imposter WAGSY! ;)

In Topic: Tips on filming Whale Sharks while snorkeling?

14 January 2008 - 03:00 AM

defensive roll? is that something like being bitchslapped by a whale shark? :wub:

The Whale shark's skin on it's back is super thick (about 10cm), whereas it's underside is very sensitive- hence the 'defensive roll'. The shark will roll so that its least vulnerable side is exposed to the threat, ie snorkellor with suspicous looking camera housing! This is the reason why you need to dive considerably deep to get underneath shots or stay off to one side.

Having said that, every shark is different- while one shark may get spooked by you swimming close too its belly, another may be completely nonchalant. After a few drops, you will be able to guage the temperment of the individual shark and adjust your technique and position accordingly.

If all else fails, schedual another filming trip for April/ May and come film the Whale Sharks at Ningaloo and have a couple of bourbons with Wags and Me! :ninja: ;) ;) :)

In Topic: Tips on filming Whale Sharks while snorkeling?

13 January 2008 - 05:56 PM

Don't wear a wet suit so you don't have to wear a weight belt if you can. Only girls wear belts ;)

Wags- I take huge offence to this comment...

I am a girl, I have filmed more Whale sharks in the last two years than what YOU have and I have not worn a weightbelt once! :ninja: ;)

My tips:
Make sure you don't get stuck on the side of the shark facing into the sun (important if shark is fast)
Don't hit record until under the water
If the shark is right at the surface, keep the camera on wide as much as possible to prevent your shots from getting wobbly (just get closer rather than zooming in)
Keep in mind that if there are other snorkellors, their splashing creates more lense bubbles than you would usually have to worry about when scuba diving, so keep checking before each shot
If swimming to keep up, I find that holding my housing out in front to break the water with one arm and swimming with the other is easier than dragging the camera behind
Try to move with the shark as you are getting the shot, otherwise you'll end up chasing his tail for the rest of drop (nice angle though!)
For a break, swim right behind the tail so the shark breaks the water for you, you kind of get sucked along!
Be prepared that you will possibly get shat on if you are shooting underneath :wub:
and my number 1 tip......

.........Have a flip screen on your housing!

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In Topic: Deformed Fishies

03 January 2008 - 04:56 PM

Thanks for that Zan, really interesting- so sorry for assuming you were a male!

Would be cool to see your shark vision Peter- I'll look forward to that when you get home!