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Deformed Fishies

31 December 2007 - 05:52 PM

Hi Guys,

Noticed this section (my fave!) hasn't been too active of late, so thought I'd throw something in from our archive...

....a few years back while diving the Exmouth Navy Pier, I spotted this deformed looking trevally on consecutive dives. I eventually got a shot of him and emailed to a couple of marine biologist friends who couldn't provide me with much insight into the reason his spine is out of shape (ie what disease it has and whether similar to a human spinal abnormality)....I thought some of you smart cookies might be able to shed some light?

It would also be interesting to see any other shots/ vision of fishies with disabilities- this little guy was determined to keep up with all the other able-bodied trevally, what a little trooper huh?! :)

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