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In Topic: Unknown white shrimp in Scottish Trawl

27 April 2008 - 10:08 AM

thanks guys. I'll keep an eye out and see if I can get any more ideas :P


In Topic: Unknown Red Fish from Trawl

27 March 2008 - 03:36 AM

cool, thanks guys! That's a big help


In Topic: How to Improve WP

23 January 2008 - 04:32 AM

I think I've been here a couple of weeks now, as a new UW photographer and I'm having a great time :P Mostly just been reading old posts for advice and tips, but when I have posted everyone's been really helpful. There are a few threads that have quite a 'dive club' feel to them (like old friends having a banter\squabble in the pub), but I can't say I thought it was intimidating. there are many worse forums out there than WP if you want to feel stupid and intimidated!

I think one of the big problems with any forum is that it's so easy to take people the wrong way when you can only type to communicate. It's not something you can fix, but if people aren't used to forums it might be easy to take things badly. Perhaps everyone joining should be redirected through some youtube comments for a while before coming here? Show them the real dark side of the web :)

In Topic: Sealoch Anemone, Scotland - any tips?

23 January 2008 - 03:07 AM

Thanks everyone, these are great comments and I'll give them a go this weekend hopefully when I'm back in the water. This was the only shot I had which got the whole anemone in the frame - the others were a bit chopped and didn't look good, but I guess there's a 'no-mans' land' where you're not far enough back or close enoguh in to get a shot. I'll def look at getting closer though.

As for the background, there's no shortage of these anemones around, so i'll see if I can find some in good locations and play about a bit.

the shutter speed\aperture were more or less left on auto this time round - I know my way around my camera, but getting the strobe right was enough of a challenge! Once I'm happier with using the lighting right, I'll probably start remembering about DOF and maybe even some 'creative' shutter speeds! hell, I got so wrapped up with the camera I forgot to switch my regs round as I was diving and now I've got one full 7l tank, and one with about 60 bar... Oops!

Thanks everyone for your time and advice. please let me know if there's anything else that I could try, otherwise I'll post some new shots after the weekend.



In Topic: Sealoch Anemone, Scotland - any tips?

22 January 2008 - 10:52 AM

I like it too :-)

Dont know where you cropped, but it is quite tight around the anemone now. the anemone has room to it's left, while the sense of direction is to the right (the tentacles point there.

lighting is great, not harsh and I dont see any backscatter.

Thanks for your comments. This wasn't much of a crop, I just removed a bit to the right to push the anemone more off-centre. I'll try and get further back next time. I see what you mean about the movement, but there was only rock to the right and I think I prefer the dark background. Will keep an eye out for a better positioned anemone on my next dive!

Any other tips for next time?