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In Topic: Losing my mind underwater

10 August 2009 - 12:04 PM

I just read the main page article on your images. Pretty awesome! I really like your last set.

But..... what about guy models? :)

In Topic: What is Super Macro? Macro vs Super Macro - DX Sensor vs FX Sensor

27 July 2009 - 05:33 PM

[quote name='secretsea18' post='219985' date='Jul 27 2009, 09:31 AM']Nice shot. Where did you see your shrimp? I got some of these in Lembeh in 2007. They were specks of fuzz on the yellowish sponge. Didn't see the eggs until reviewing in the computer later that day. (My image is cropped, taken with D80, 60mm, Woody diopter)

I saw them first in Lembeh as well. At Panti Parigi site. This one was taken in Dumaguete, Philippines (just in case someone doesn't know) at a site called Dauin Norte. I was told in Lembeh Oct. 2008 (Kaswawari Resort) that these guys had only been found about three months b4. Trippy that you saw them in 2007. They were off by a few months or what?


In Topic: What is Super Macro? Macro vs Super Macro - DX Sensor vs FX Sensor

27 July 2009 - 07:57 AM

woah, i am going to be jumpy all day after looking at those shots! those are amazing, thanks for sharing. your's is still one of my favorites.

just a note on #1, backscatter may be bias but i would call and talk to jim over there and ask about the glass quality differences between the two. i have heard some rumors but am not an expert in that area. that is the same set-up that i really like, instead of the subsee i use a macro mate.

on #2 why not use an extension ring with your macro port? is it s diameter thing? I don't have a 65mm or a 24mm for that matter. I have shot with a 180mm on one dive. It was so hard to shoot. But towards the end of over an hour dive I started to get the hang of it. I could see some cool stuff you can get but not worth the weight it is and I like more versatility under water.

what housing did you get for your 5d2?

i don't know what you mean by reversed with tubes, can you explain?


In Topic: What is Super Macro? Macro vs Super Macro - DX Sensor vs FX Sensor

26 July 2009 - 03:16 PM

okay, makes sense with a smile.

I really do like the spider eyes though. I hope Steve slept well last night..... Showed my husband and he coul :drink: d see why someone could have nightmares.

How do you like your 5d2? What housing did you end up with? Try putting a 2x tele, 100 and macro mate on that set-up? you could have some real fun with that. I have been too chicken to put that together. Well, not chicken as I know what the macro mate does to the 1.4x, it is more, do I really need to do a dive strickly 2:1 instead of a wider range of options to shoot with? I am going to Komodo in Sep. again. I may slap it on to, try the sea fleas/ladybugs with it. The 1.4x with the macro mate really gave me some nice tight shots in the ladybug with some cool backgrounds to play with. I need to find one that is double comma size to see what other details you could see that big. :)

Your def. seems pretty good to me. both for macro/super macro and I like how you buy your lenses. I love the fisheye lens for that very reason.

For a parting shot, i am posting this image of a hairy shrimp that was maybe 3mm big. I love seeing the details like the eggs in her as I only saw the fuzzball moving around and through the lens I only saw the whites of her eye and hoped all else of her was in focus.....


PS I hope the image shows up, my first time attaching one.... I preview'd but didn't see it.

In Topic: What is Super Macro? Macro vs Super Macro - DX Sensor vs FX Sensor

25 July 2009 - 03:12 PM

Hey Steve!

Finally I got a debate going. ;)

The macro mate. I love it! You can look at my 'favorites' gallery on facebook. On the third page, you can see an image with a couple of sea fleas on a sea squirt. That was shot with my 100mm, 1.4x tele and the macro mate. Those guys are about as big as your comma on your keypad. That would be close to shooting like a DX with a macro mate.

When i first got the macro mate, I took it into a dive in Monterey. I remember getting mostly crappy shots but one was really cool to me. I was finally getting images that I had wanted without cropping. I hate any extra work for myself..... enough to have to edit some. I took a crab image with my 100mm then popped on the macro mate and took the same crab. I got mostly eyes which I really likes. I had to get closer once I popped on the macro mate but the crab didn't care. I don't know where those images are but if I find them I will let you know. I am in the process of updating my website and may find it.

It was really really hard to shoot the macro mater for what seemed like forever. Then I started to notice when I shot with just my 100mm, that set-up seemed really easy. Now it is still hard but harder with my 1.4x tele + the macro mate. But I can usually get some images I really like when I slow down and take my time. The plane of focus is not very big. Just a sliver, but when you just move your rig towards the critter and then back towards your body, you can see what is in focus and then click. Then hope you didn't move.

I shoot this type of set-up a couple of ways. I will pick a scene I like, then I will auto-focus for a starting point, then I manual focus from there until I see what I want to shoot. When I manual focus I am usually moving towards the critter as I want to be closer. But if I go too far, forward then I just back off and continue to manual focus. You aren't moving that far so it is not big deal. But if it is surgy, omigod is it hard! The other set-up is where I want to shoot just 1:1 on my lens and know it is 1:1. So for my Subal housing (I hope I have this right as I just do it automatic now) I turn the focus knob towards the back of the housing 3-4 times. I know then it has 'pegged' to 1:1. Then I just move in and out until I see what I want in focus. No more auto or manual focusing. I know my Aquatica was the opposite direction, so I hope I didn't mix them up. I use my company's product, a focus/zoom knob for good fingertip control. When my husband designed me one fits all gear set to shoot all these set-ups, he moved the focusing off the port up to my zoom knob, so I didn't have to take one hand off my housing to manual focus. Which is a pain in the ass and I rarely did it. When I got my Subal rig it was a bit harder to turn with my fingers. Just mechanically for some reason. So then the focus/zoom knob was born, just to give me better leverage. It is so easy to focus now I don't care if I need to manual focus. It takes awhile to learn to shoot the macro mate but I would not switch for a minute.

I just got back from shooting a month in Dumaguete (as you know Steve) and I shot with 1.4x tele and 100mm for the first few weeks. Putting the macro mate on when ever I wanted to get closer to some aspect of the critter. This is one of my favorite set-ups. For some reason, I decided to take off the 1.4x and just shoot the 100mm and macro mate. I shot this set-up mostly the last week. I realized some things about the advantages and disadvantages to shoot the two set-ups. With just the 100mm and the macro mate, I found because I had to move closer once I popped the macro mate on, I tended to scare some of the critters away sooner than I would have liked. I was in their personal space too much. With the 1.4x 100mm, I didn't see as a problem so much. I did see that I had to use less of an f-stop than I had wanted to and sometimes if i wanted more I had to change my iso settings some. on the 1.4x, it was iso 200 or 250 to get my higher f-stops whereas with the 100mm it was iso 100 no problem. The condition of the water varied though out the trip. But mostly the last two week the vis went down and was more murky and less sun, more rain. So that made a difference as well. But it is a thing to be aware of when you pick which to use.

Hope that explains something for you, Steve.

Long winded again! I am usually not so wordy, guess just being back from vacation I don't really want to work.


Hi Jody!
Thanks for jumping in. I'm with the rest of the folks here and think the accepted definition of super macro is anything greater then lifesize or 1:1. I for one would love to know what you've learned about shooting the macromate. I played with it for a dive last year at the Bonaire shoot out and only managed to get one frame in focus. Do you use manual focus when you shoot it? I think it takes some time to get comfortable with. Can you post an image you like or point me to your site so I can see what you've been able to do with it?

And oh by the way, thanks Thomas. I won't sleep for a week now. :D