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Where in USA/Mexico/Carribean?

22 July 2014 - 11:54 PM

I'm from Australia and will be in San Franciso for work in early October, and have two weeks free to travel. 


The Channel islands are on the list, and possibly Monterey Bay but where else should i dive??


I'm interested in unique wide-angled opportunities, either big landscapes or big critters. 


October doesn't seem to be the peak period for any big critter sightings but here's what i've shortisted so far:


* Great White Sharks at Guadaulpe  - Big females arrive around October apparently, however we do have cage diving in Australia and its pretty similarly priced (e.g bloody expensive). 


* Cancun/Playa del Carman - I'd love to dive some Cenotes and the ocean diving looks good too.  What can i expect this time of year? Are there any good Manta or Shark photo sites around Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, etc? Will Mantas/Hammerheads be at Los Picos?  Wrong season for Sailfish??? Bull Sharks? 


* Florida - Would Crystal River be the best for the Manatees in October? Is this a good time for reliable sightings?


* Northern Channel Islands - should i do a liveaboard or day trips? Any recommendations?


* Hawaii - Black Water dive and Manta night dive.


* Any other Carribean sites?



Any advice appreciated. I plan on travelling inland in my first free week to see topside wildlife such as Yosimite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, (Las vegas) etc, then back to LA to dive the Channel Islands. The second week i plan to dedicate to diving. Would i be better to just focus on California? I'm very happy in temperate water and looking forward to the giant Kelp forests, but is there enough to keep me occupied around the Channel Islands and Monterey Bay?


 Thanks in advance!





Safety in Mabul/sipidan???

10 June 2014 - 03:54 PM

We have a trip booked to dive sipidan staying at Mabul in two weeks time.

There's been a number of kidnappings of locals and tourists this year around semporna and up the east coast of Borneo which was going to be focus of our travels.

Is it safe to travel in this area at this time? Or should we just dive on the west coast somewhere? Any suggestions on west coast diving this time if year?

FS: Oceanic datamask - (Australia - will ship OS)

04 January 2014 - 07:56 PM

Oceanic datamask - used on about 10 dives and near new. Comes in original box with air integrated transmitter that screws into your first stage and all accessories. (Data transfer cable, mask case, instruction manual, mask cleaner etc.)

$650 + postage.

Prefer australian buyer but will ship OS at buyers expense. (Paypal only).

An air integrated computer with display in lower right hand corner of the mask.

Ideal for photographers immersed in their subject and getting close to deco time or low on air. Just a glance downwards gives you all your dive details without having to take your eyes off your subject or scaring it away with wrist or console check.