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What to charge when a Business is using your photo without permission?

22 July 2013 - 08:21 AM

Hey all -


  I recently found out that a large business who runs ferry cruises was using a photo of mine to promote their nature excursions.  They actually have the photo next to the excursion package in their checkout process.  I never licensed this photo to the company and there is no credit anywhere.  Furthermore, I have a strong issue with this company, as they participated in very enviromentally destructive work in the past.  I want to send them a bill for using my photo to directly profit and a DCMA notice.  I don't know what an appropriate amount to bill them is and since I am pretty fired up about it - I would welcome some calm, cool advice.  Also - I would love any general advice from anyone who has dealt with this type of problem before...Thank you...


   - Matt

Mounting GoPro3 to Aquatica Housing

02 January 2013 - 06:51 AM

I just got a GoPro Hero3 Black as a holiday gift and I am looking to mount it on my Aquatica A7D housing. Ideally, I would like to mount a ball right on the top of the housing and connect the camera via a small arm or such. My main question is - I know there is a threaded hole on the top of the housing but what size ball adapter fits this hole? Is it an 1/4 - 20? Maybe jean or someone can help me out. If anyone has a Go pro mounted to their housing and has any pics of the set-up I would appreciate if tyou posted it to give me some ideas of the ways I could attach it. I want it somewhere just above my dome port so I have a similar line of sight.