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Whale shark shooting tips?

27 September 2009 - 12:21 AM

Will be in Maldives in a few weeks during whale shark season, really looking forward as these have always been on my list to shoot.

Do any experienced shooters have suggestions for ideal settings, will be shooting Nikon D200 with Tokina 11-16mm in an Ikelite housing

I am especially interested in the focus mode, in Florida the group dynamic autofucs seemed to work good for manatees, but if I'm fortunate enough to get close to a whale share I wonder if the auto focus will have a hard time locking up o n such a broad area?

Also as far as lighting I have a DS-125 strobe but am wondering if available light is easier both to cut down on glare (unless I go with a 1/4 pop all the time just for some fill light), and also just so I can be a little more mobile with the camera?

Any other pointers are most welcome!


Maldives and excess baggage fees

24 January 2009 - 02:36 AM

Doing a trip to the Maldives this November and did a little research. Provided rates do not change, if you are traveling through UAE/Dubai (which seems to be the best flights):

Singapore airlines is currently charging 55 AED (about US $15 at current rates) per kilo (2.2 lbs.), however they do have a bit of a discount if you have scuba gear (and can manage a little algebra!). If you declare scuba equipment (which is in your interest), anything up to 15 kg (33 lbs.) is charged at a flat rate for 6 kg. Anything about that is charged at 55 AED per kilo.

As an example I am a taller diver with all XL gear. My stuff (with some camera equipment and a 3mm wetsuit) fit under the US 50 lbs. bag limit. To fly from Europe to the Maldives excess baggage would be 50 lbs. = 23 kilo, so 23k - 15k (flat scuba rate of 6 kilos for 6 - 15 kilos) = 8 additional kilos. So cost would be (6 kilo flat rate x 55 AED = 330) + (8 additional kilos x 55 AED = 440). Total of 330+440 = 770 AED or about $209 at current exchange rates.

Emirates is a bit more expensive, they charge a flat 55 per kilo, so my same gear on their flight would cost 23 kilo x 55 AED = 1265, about $344 at current exchange rates.

From several chat rooms it looks like both airlines are VERY strict on one bag only in economy class unless you are an elite traveler. That means you cannot take one carry on "plus" a purse or camera bag.

If anyone has any good or bad experiences with either airlines or flying into Male, Maldives I'd loiove to hear them. Maybe in the future dive computers will have to include an algorithm for calculating excess baggage rates! Add it to the wish list with a doppler micro-bubble sensor!