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Another version of the fiber snoot

23 January 2011 - 08:01 PM


Like many people I'm a big fan of this forum. I have learned a lot and saved a lot of time and money in the process (jajaja), So a big Thank You to everyone.
I have followed the Fiber Optic snoot Topic with a lot of interest and decided to make My own snoot. As I live on both sides of the border with San Diego I have
Access to Machine Shops that are less expensive. In the process, I had to buy a big piece of Delrin, so I have enough to make 18 more pieces.
If anyone is interested I can have it made for $50.00 Dlls including the Delrin plastic plus shipping.
I only made it for the Inon 240 (same size as 220), I also have the Sea & Sea 250 but it doesn't seem practical to use for this purpose.

It has only has one 3/4" US tread connected with a 3/4" NPT Connector ($5.45) , then I split it with a Loc-Line Y Reducer 3/4" to 1/2" ($8.75) and use 2 Loc-Line Hose Segments Pack for 1/2" system ($5.99 x 2).
I bought it at www.modularhose.com
I bought around $40.00 worth of 1mm plastic fiber from http://www.fiberopti...roducts_id=1091
It's the best price I could find.
My thinking for doing it like this is that sometimes I'm going to use a single 3/4 segment to better focus the flash because getting dark backgrounds is harder with the D300 sync speeds,coming from the D70.

So if anyone is interested let me know and I will start making them. Of course I can only do 18 for now.

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