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for sale l&m video rig hc9 w led lites and big lens

20 December 2010 - 11:53 AM

i have a light and motion video rig for sale it is a sony hc9 video camera with housing, wide angle lens and led lights. the housing is one of the older ones
that is silver in color. it has the side window for adjusting menu settings like white balance. it has both a montior back and a periscope back and trays that work with both.
it will also accept an hc7 camera. it has the travel pelican case and spares kit. it has the flat port and close up port. it has the external lights with the older battery bays that dont extend
past the front of the housing, it had the led lights fitted in the black light heads, it had hid originally but was refitted after dema three years ago. it also has the 110 angle lens from
fathom. i bought the lens used from ryan at reef photo and the rest of the rig from a user here. it could use a factory service for peace of mind but its in good shape, never flooded.

i have probably seven grand into this rig, i know it has depreciated but its still all you need to do some really nice video. im asking $4500 for all of it shipped. i am open to offers.

i would rather sell all to one buyer and not piece it out. you can reach me here or at ajmarve at gmail dot com. the email is best im here infrequently

thanks for reading,

al marvelli