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In Topic: Nikon 14-24 on D810/850

02 October 2017 - 11:45 PM

Hi Adam,

thanks for your information. I also asked Subal and they are recommending the 14-24 over the 16-35 for this kind of setup (D810/850 and 230 dome), unless shot wide open. But stopped down to f/8 - /f11 the 14-24 performs better. They also confirmed (for Subal housings) a different length of ext rings for both lenses (90mm for 16-35 and 65mm for 14-24).


I probably will just try it for myself. I can use the 14-24 for land shooting should it not perform under water.


Somebody else having first-hand experiences with the 14-24?

In Topic: Nikon 14-24 on D810/850

02 October 2017 - 02:50 AM

just seen that there is a test by Adam on the 14-24 and 16-35 on FX behind a Zen 230 dome:




and the 16-35 seems superior over the 14-24. However, for both lenses the same extension ring was used, namely 80mm. Don't know if these are the optimal distances. E.g. Subal is recommending a 90mm extension ring for the 16-35 and a 65mm ER for the 14-24...


And we all know that a wrong flange distance by a non-optimal extension ring makes things worse, especially an large dome ports and FX...


Any other experiences with the 14-24 out there?  thanks.

In Topic: Fibre optics and TTL

21 April 2017 - 05:07 AM

Officially, Subtronics are not in list of compatible strobes yet, only planned for future. For those strobes must be build separate TTL curves in TTL Converter firmware.

At last Dusseldorf Boat Show, using a case, I tried V2 board with Subtronic 160 /270 strobes (by wires), just for interest, - yes TTL worked, but it required some corrections. 

Hi Pavel, thanks for the headup!

Some corrections, can you elaborate a bit?

Another question: I read (I guess it was from you) that with this it is also possible to change underwater from TTL to manual and then even change the power of the strobes by turning the aperture/shutter wheel on the camera? Is this really true and can you elaborate on this as well?

Will be deeply appreciated...


In Topic: Fibre optics and TTL

21 April 2017 - 12:42 AM

Yes, i tested that V2 board (white color PCB).  It has very nice TTL accuracy. And the 100% power of underwater strobe is available for TTL control by that board, another words it has full-size TTL (!).

Certainly, full-size TTL is available only for fully controllable strobes.


Tested strobes: YS-250, DS-161, YS-D1, YS-D2, Z-240. The board has a switch for those strobe types.

There are 2 pcs Optical TTL outputs and 2 pcs Wire TTL outputs onboard. Also, there is 1pc wire TTL connector for Nikon land strobe, because Subal also produces housings for SB-910/ SB-900.


New V2 board supports +/- TTL Flash Exposure Compensation (by camera wheel), TTL/M modes switching underwater,  Manual flash power setting by camera wheel (in M mode). These features already became a good tradition for modern TTL products. The same features exist in Nauticam #26308 board, UWTechnics #11031 board and External #13038 converter, Aquatica TTL board, Hugyfot TTL board. 


Does anybody know if this Subal V2 also work with the latest Subtronic flash (Pro160 / Pro160 Fusion)?

Asked Subal directly some time ago, they wanted to test this but never got an answer on it though...