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In Topic: SB 104 NiCad battery packs

04 February 2008 - 09:22 AM

My first post here, very informative thread.
I would be interested in hearing if someone has tried connecting the AA or C size NMH batteries directly to the strobe, i.e., without inserting them in teh original nikon case. I can't seem to find the original Nikon battery anywhere, and mistakenly bought a strobe without one.

Hi Marc,
I think the original NiCad cells are a specialist size called Cs, they are available as 2000mAh tagged. I have seen the Cs cells in NiMh up to 3000mah tagged so if you can get them it would be easy to do a direct replacement. I used AA cells in a battery box, 6 x1.2v = 7.2V (because I wanted the option of charging them or repacing them as necessary). I had to cut out the internal guides and glue in a couple of plastic posts so the top could be screwed down, although some electrical tape would do the job. I only get around 100 full flashes from the 2300 mAh AA's and also the recycle time went up.

ps have a look here http://www.fisheyeda.../equipment.html for my housing details, its made from Perspex, some sections are heat moulded and all glued together with Tensol 70, not that I would recommend anyone make one, takes too much time --- Doh!